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echinacea to boost immune system -advice please

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dolally · 17/09/2004 23:52

Have just read a thread which was dated June this year and was fascinated to see echinacea mentioned. I was given some by a homeopath a year ago for my 9 yr old dd - she has mild asthma/allergies.

I was very confused and nervous about this asthma thing, so I ended up going down the mainstream medical road and the echinacea stayed in the cupboard. We live in Portugal and with a shortage of advice in my own language I wasn't very confident about giving homeopathic remedies. DD is fine, uses a preventative inhaler(only in winter as instructed by a good local specialist), and very rarely a teaspoon of Ventilan(sp?) However she does get a lot of colds, particularly chesty coughs (has one now) and I was thinking today about trying to boost her immune system -that's why i read the hayfever thread.

What I have in the cupboard is echinacea PTK-42 - brand name PENTARKAN it's made by a German homeopathic company. Judging by what some of you said in that thread it might be well worth trying. It's valid until 7/2006 so maybe I wouldn't even have to buy a new bottle or do you think because it's been opened that validity is no good. Would much, much appreciate any comments.

OP posts:
pixiefish · 18/09/2004 07:13

Bumping this for you as I'm interested as well. As an adult I use this and it helped me no end with colds etc. My dad also uses it- he doesn't believe in measuring medicine and just puts a squirt in a glass and drinks it. It does taste foul so put it in some fruit juice- pineapple or orange- for her. Can't imagine it doing any harm as it's just a flower isn't it?
Have heard of it being given to babies in their bottles.
They tell you to take it for a set amount of weeks and then stop for a few weeks and then start again and stop but my dad doesn't- he just takes it all year. The girl in the shop says that it doesn't matter about that as what it does is top up your immune system and once it's topped up it can't get any better so the only thing he's doing is wasting his money-IYSWIM. Anyway hope someone else answers you

Papillon · 18/09/2004 09:22

flax seed is good for the immune system - you can get milled flax seed at Sainsburys. Another option is flax seed oil. Just add it into the food at the end of cooking.

Homoeopathy is a medical profession and the power of the flower has been multiplied many times. As your dd was prescribed the PTK-42 only a year ago then it should be OK. Once opened they are usually best kept in the fridge though.

hth and all the best

dolally · 18/09/2004 12:24

Thanks, you two for your messages. Another question, how many drops should i give to a 9 yr old and how many times a day? The homeopath told me but the paper it was written on is lost and the bottle says 10 drops for adults but children as prescribed. Perhaps I should call the homeopath again, i feel abit of a twit admitting to her that I virtually ignored her advice until 12 mmonths later!!!

It says it's 67% vol alcohol - wow!! is it always like that???? Thanks a lot again

OP posts:
pixiefish · 18/09/2004 13:05

Have been to see a friend this morning who is a homeopath- she wouldn't give a child echinacea with alcohol in it. You can get them without the alcohol and they are perfectly safe.

dolally · 20/09/2004 21:49

Thanks pixiefish. Makes sense not to give them one containing alc. I am absolutely determined to give this a real go for dd this winter, so will check out my local health shop, I know they stock Bioforce.

OP posts:
DelGirl · 20/09/2004 21:50

Just thought i'd mention, though I know youu;re asking for your dd but it can affect fertility. Just thought you might want to know

pixiefish · 20/09/2004 21:53

Make sure you get the non alcohol one- bioforce do two- one DOES contain alcohol but it says on the box. Bear in mind that it's a long term thing- it'll take a few weeks foy you to see any improvement. I think it's 8 weeks on and then two off, then back on for 8 weeks.

pixiefish · 20/09/2004 21:54

Forgot to add that it didn't affect my fertility adn I used it for a few years before ttc. they don't advise its use during pg or while bf though

lou33 · 20/09/2004 21:59

Tastes like cack imo.

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