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Allergies and intolerances

hypoallergenic formula and the prevention of asthma?

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EmilyandLola · 25/07/2007 18:28

9month DD, has started being sick A LOT we think its her SMA, as we believe, whilst weaning we discovered a milk intolerance, (i.e. when introduced cows milk on food etc she developed eczema, when milk withdrawn, eczema vanished)

Doctor, very dismissive, DD also has persistent night cough, both DP and I have psoriasis, we are concerned that DD will end up with asthma (like her aunts) and horrid skin like DP and I, any sufferers will know how miserable it is.

Friends of ours in from France who also have similar family history, so insisted on hypoallergenic formula. Please help, DP and I are fed up x

OP posts:
dropscone · 25/07/2007 23:14

Don't have any personal experience I'm afraid but if DD doesn't tolerate dairy then there are a lot of soya based products - Wysol (?) is the powdered milk. Good luck .

jonel · 01/09/2007 09:33

apparently 40% of infants with cows milk intolerance are also intolerant to soya. You could insist on seeing a specialist (we just did) and get a prescription for hypoallergenic formula. Some Lloyds pharmacies also sell it. Some people try goats milk too ("Nanny" available online) but that also has lactose. Sma do a hypoallergenic too. I would insist on a prescription.

Theclosetpagan · 01/09/2007 09:36

Go back to your GP and say you've tried cows milk again and your DD is definitely reacting to it. Ask for referral or a prescription to try the hypoallergenic stuff.

Isababel · 01/09/2007 10:02

Avoid cows milk until she is at least one year old, tbh, if the source of eczema is just cows milk you can count yourself lucky, as there are other options you can explore like goats formula/milk and soya in due time. BTW DS asthma was much better once we stopped giving him dairy, but please don't forget that it's still early days, babies' bodies take some time to adapt to the new foods, but most of them will outgrow these intolerances after the 1st year.

I have to go in a few minutes, but if you have more questions, please have a look at the allergies topic, there is plenty of information in the subject and I'm sure someone will come soon with more alternatices.

Good luck

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