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Allergies and intolerances

Wish us luck - we're going to try bubs (lactose intolerent) wit some milk foods today!

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Haribosmum · 03/06/2007 09:11

Just going to get some baby foods with milk in it for now and keep him on the lactose free formula and if he's not reacted after a week or two try introducing normal formula slowly. Wish us luck!!!

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Roskva · 03/06/2007 10:32

I hope it goes well. I'm plucking up the courage to reintroduce dairy to dd. I'd love to hear how you get on.

Haribosmum · 03/06/2007 13:02

Well I'm a bit scared because I'll feel really guilty if he gets tummy ache!

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Roskva · 03/06/2007 13:10

I know. I did comment to dd's dietician "how do you choose a good day potentially to make the baby poorly?"

Haribosmum · 03/06/2007 20:39

Well we bought the 'stuff' and have decided to wait until tomorrow to try anything. If this carries on I'll just keep delaying this until he's older and can just try something himself. 18 sounds good....LOL

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tatt · 04/06/2007 09:51

why not try live yoghurt or cheese first - its lower in lactose. If you're really worried buy some lactase drops from the internet and give them immediately if he seems poorly. Colief has some lactase in it but the drops are much stronger. Lactase tablets have been a great help for one of my family.

catesmum · 04/06/2007 10:22

we're currently in the middle of trying out dd2 on certain foods after being dairy, wheat, egg and soya free for 18 months. Last month was dairy and it was done REALLY slowly. the dietician set out a plan that went:

Day 1 - half a teaspoon of yoghurt
day 2 - teaspoon of yoghurt
day 3 - half a small petit filous
day 4 - whole pot of petit filous
day 5 - one cm cube of cheese
day 6 - butter on her special bread
day 7 - cow's milk on cereal...

in fact, she said that the best way to start was with a small piece of cake or biscuit...but we couldn't do that because of all the other food!!!

I think that after not having dairy for so long it needs to be done slowlly. Hope this helps

Chandra · 05/06/2007 18:14

Best of luck!

Let us know how he is doing. I'm in the process of reintroducing soya and fish and as you, I feel a bit wary. I have not yet the courage to re introduce milk, but hope to build it up before the winter

What is the name of the lactase drops Tatt? or where in the Internet do you get them from?

tatt · 05/06/2007 22:33
Chandra · 06/06/2007 09:46


Haribosmum · 09/06/2007 19:24

Well so far so good. He has not reacted to any of the foods we have tried him with so far. But he is still on the SMA LF. I don't feel brave enough for that yet! Anyway it's lovely not having to read the labels of the babyfood jars! Got some yoghurt today so will try him with it tomorrow.

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kmcomie · 09/06/2007 22:03

Hi Sorry to jump in with another take on this, But can you tell me who is advsing on the re introducing. dd is nearly one and has been dairy and egg free for 6 months. We have seen the paidetrcain (ignore spelling) twice and have limited infomation ( he just said see how you go for next 2 years). I don't feel they are telling me enough to be giving dd the proper care. Should i get her referred to dietcian (Childrens) or (general) You all sound so knowledgable. Is there some thing/where else i can get support from????


Haribosmum · 10/06/2007 16:10

I've just been liasing with the dr and HV to be honest. I think because he's a baby and they suspect he'll grow out of it by six months. Well he's 6 months next week so hopefully he's ok now.

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colinandcaitlinsmommy · 10/06/2007 16:43

Glad to hear it is going well. You're braver than I am. I held off until 9 months with DD, even though Dr. said 6 months, because she had such horrible reactions, and to my surprise everything turned out all right.

Wow, kmcomie, it is very rarely that I see someone whose name is spelled the same way as mine.

kmcomie · 15/06/2007 23:04

Hi I have never found anyone else and most spell it wrong, thanks all for this useful thread

Haribosmum · 17/06/2007 22:24

Mmmmm. Bubs had really smelly runny poo yesterday after a yoghurt (sorry if TMI). But not sure if it's a reaction to the lactose in the yoghurt or teething. I think we might hold off on changing him from LF formula for the time being.....

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Haribosmum · 18/06/2007 18:53

So after 48 hrs of yucky nappies and after talking to the HV we have decided that bubba isn't coping with lactose in his diet so we are back to square one. We'll give it a copule of months and then try again. Good news is though that he seems to tolerate a little bit of lactose se we can still give him rusks and stuff as snacks.

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