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Dairy Trail - Best Method??

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jasperc163 · 02/06/2007 17:29

Can anyone confirm the best method of doing a dairy trial (DD is 19 months with dairy intolerance). We have been given conflicting advice - a paed allergist a while back said to try cooked cheese etc ie cooked is best, then more recently i was told by a paed gastro to add a tsp of milk to her Neocate and increase gradually if no reaction.

We tried this today and she has a suspect nappy this afternoon. However i am not sure it is the best way to go as i gather some can tolerate cheese but not milk?


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Roskva · 02/06/2007 18:02

I've been advised by the nutritionist that dd was referred to put one teaspoon of normal formula such as SMA gold or whatever into her usual bottle. If she does not react to that, then put 1 fl oz normal formula in, and if no reaction, increase the proportion of normal formula to nutramigen gradually until it is half and half. If she's OK with that, then she can have a full bottle of normal formula. I haven't had the guts to start yet as dd is off colour with teething at the moment, and is not eating properly.

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