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Allergies and intolerances

should i have insisted on an epipen?

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amidaiwish · 16/05/2007 21:17

Just been on Boco's terrifying thread with her DD going into anaphylactic shock and am worried now that i don't have an epipen.

DD2 (19m) has a diagnosed egg yolk allergy and yesterday we saw the consultant at hospital. She said that her blood test came back clear so the likelihood of her having a severe anaphylactic reaction was low even though the skin prick test came up positive (+4) for egg yolk.

She said that her reaction, if she did come into contact would probably only be hives or vomiting, nothing too severe and just to use piriton. Also because she has been fine with well cooked egg it should be easy enough to avoid scrambled egg/quiche/omelette etc.

Should i have insisted on an epipen, just incase?

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/05/2007 21:18

No, I don't think so tbh.

amidaiwish · 16/05/2007 21:26

oh good, suddenly thought was i brushed off!

is it because the blood test was quite clear that you think she'll be ok?

OP posts:
misdee · 16/05/2007 21:27

no, dd1 has allergies, no epipen.

dd2 we think is allergic to tomatoes, easy to keep her awya from, so no pen. if its just rashes then no need.

foxinsocks · 16/05/2007 21:28

yes, I'm sure that's what the consultant thought.

Dd had a moderate reaction in her blood and a severe skin test (whole arm went red) with egg and we didn't get an epipen and tbh, we didn't need one.

Just make sure you have piriton to hand and know what to look out for in case of a reaction.

I mean, you can never say never but I think the consultant has assessed the risks pretty thoroughly.

amidaiwish · 16/05/2007 21:31

fab. thanks.

OP posts:
tatt · 16/05/2007 21:44

If she hasn't shown any sign of swelling so far you are probably going to be OK. My child who has anaphylactic reactions to nut has positive skin and blood tests to something which she can eat raw. The tests are not infallible but its better not to have a food challenge until her skin tests give a lower result.

Some allergies get worse with repeat exposure and some (like peanut) are very unpredictable. Egg allergy is often outgrown so hopefully you'll only have to worry for a year or two. Never go anywhere without liquid piriton and at the first sign of any swelling head for a&e - by ambulance if breathing is affected. But you probably will not even need the piriton.

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