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should i giv him singulair?

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cheeryface · 07/05/2007 10:03

ds2 has bad hayfever. with it more often than not he gets a very phlegmy chest, sometimes witha slight wheeze.

one doctor treats it as asthma and the other gives him antibiotics.

last time it did clear up with antibiotics but not sure if that was just a fluke iyswim.

the doctor that treats it as asthma will dole out anything i mention, he recently gave me singulair when i asked what it was and i have had it in the cupboard ready for the hayfever season.

but, now i'm not sure. he already takes antihistamine, eye drops and a steroid asal spray.

should i give him this as well? or maybe just give him salbutamol more often??

can anyone offer any wisdom? thanx

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cheeryface · 07/05/2007 10:23


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fuchsia0703 · 07/05/2007 10:49

Singulair works in a totally different way to the inhaled steroids though I cannot give you a medical explanation of how! Singulair improved my DD1s health no end when she was 9, when inspite of being on asthma medication, nose sprays, eye drops she had a hugely debilitating cough especially at night. Salbutomol is intending to open up the airways during an asthma type attack, it is a reliever, not a preventer. If you need to use the salbutomol frequently, your son needs different medication. It sounds as if you are probably not clear about how all these things work - and it is terribly confusing - how about returning to ask your gp or asthma nurse how everything works? ..but as far as use of Singulair is concerned ..personally I wouldn't have any worries.

ToughDaddy · 07/05/2007 10:59

depending on age have a look at bronchiolitis.....children have smaller airways, which can become more easily blocked by mucous........... SOmeone said that it can be precurosr to asthma so worth looking into. I am a believer in trying to reduce exposure to allergens (dusty carpets, pets and some foods) within reasonable limits

MrsWho · 07/05/2007 17:52

There was a thread on this a couple of months ago, there were quite few people who had benefitted from it.My dd1 has improved a lot since taking it. It is meant for allergic astham rather than lack of stragnth (someone will come and improve my description soon hopefully) which is helped by steroids.

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