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Eczema looking fairly good but dd getting me up everynight? Pollen?

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chloesmumtoo · 26/04/2007 09:13

I just wanted to know whether the exposure to pollen during the day could be the cause or her itching at night? I know it is a funny question but I just wondered if anyone else was finding this. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I am sure she is going to think I am mad when I say she is waking me up everynight but her skin is looking the best it ever has, really clear but its always there under the skin esp when she is in the bath and it flares. Mind you she wears enclosed thin cotton leggings that stop her doing damage but I cream her during the night and still have to finally grab the cetirizine. Is it the pollen do you think, she didnt seem to be bothered in the day yesterday but maybe its the hotter evenings? what do you think?

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Furball · 26/04/2007 14:19

Is there anything in the bath to flare it or is it ust plain water?

chloesmumtoo · 26/04/2007 16:03

To be honest I only bath her using dermol lotion now as a soap substitute. Its best I have ever used. I think its just that the bath shows the eczema up, not causes it. I just find shes much worse at night at the moment and just wondered about the pollen side of it. If it could cause a delayed reaction at bedtime?

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