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advice re hot nights and eczema

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whenwillisleepagain · 13/04/2007 10:37

ds is 5 months, eczema was well controlled but not so great at moment. Dreading the forecasted warm weekend as ds uses one leg to scratch the other - usually sleeps in sleepsuit and baby sleeping bag. Any tips on getting thro summer? He's also teething, so assune sleep is out of question for time being! Feels like having a newborn again - lots of misery

OP posts:
Macdog · 13/04/2007 14:56

Can sympathise, my dd was the same age in last year's heatwave. These are things we found helped.
Try tepid baths with a couple of handfuls of salt before bed.
Use lots of emollient, I'd recommend Aveeno.
Do you use a lightweight (1tog) bag in summer? If not, try to get one as it will make a difference. (We got ours in TKMAXX a lot cheaper than High St prices.)
Get a fan for the room, variable speed if possible and keep the room as cool as you can.
I found that suncreams irritated my dd's skin, so I went for keeping her in the shade as much as possible.
I found loose cotton clothes/sleepsuits worked better for my dd as she scratched her skin in shorts/vest.
Calpol/Calprofen good for teething.
Hope this helps a bit

whenwillisleepagain · 13/04/2007 16:30

thanks a lot, I've already got the 1 tog bag but will try the baths with salt. Be interested to know if you have a view on nappies, I've been using disposables but have also got some reusables as I feel they might be cooler as long as I keep an eye on whether they are wet and act quickly when they are.

OP posts:
Macdog · 13/04/2007 18:44

I use disposable nappies.
I found the best ones for my dd are George at ASDA, followed by Huggies.
Pampers were absolutely useless for her, nappy rash like you wouldn't believe !
Metanium cream (stinky yellow mucky one) works like magic on nappy rash, if that's a handy hint for you

whenwillisleepagain · 15/04/2007 10:13

Thanks macdog, I need to experiment with nappies, been using pampers from day one and wonder if they could be improved upon. Also meant to say, hope you are looking forward to a better summer this year and that your dd is finding eczema less difficult. I feel optimistic about our situation, as both husband and myself had eczema as children and outgrew as do vast majority.

OP posts:
Macdog · 15/04/2007 10:24

dd's skin much improved this year. Only flares up when she's out of sorts.
I have excema myself, and never outgrew it .
I would definitely recommend that you try the ASDA nappies though. Very good value for money.

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