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Allergies and intolerances

Allergic reaction, need advise please.

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nikki81 · 10/04/2007 20:05

Hi. DD had an allergic reaction a couple of weeks ago, came out in hives and really itchy, scratched so much that she made them bleed and very sore. Also had a raging temp. One doc said it was an allergic reaction and another said it was an infection so gave her antibiotics and it cleared up and didn't think anything more......... until last night when the same happened again and took her to doc today and it's an allergic reaction. He didn't seem bothered about finding out what had caused it but I want to find out as it's upsetting for her. I can't think of anything different she has eaten (the same as a couple of weeks ago) to trigger it. Is it true that if children are allergi to something it might not come out and it builds up and biulds up until the reaction shows. e.g I am thinking maybe a dairy intolerance but she has been having dairy for the 4 yrs of her life! Just really need some advise please.

OP posts:
tinkerbellhadpiles · 10/04/2007 20:08

Hi Nikki

What normally happens is that the first time the body comes into contact with something it is allergic too, antibodies are made against it. Hence it's the second contact where you get the reaction.

In lots of cases, the reaction then stops. Sometimes it doesn't. Have you checked your washing powder - they sometimes change ingredients and really cause problems. Also don't rule out environmental things - pollen etc.

It's not really likely to be a dairy allergy tbh, they normally present much earlier.

KerryMum · 10/04/2007 20:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee · 10/04/2007 20:10

does she did orange squash?

Hilllary · 10/04/2007 20:16

Hi nikki81 I would advise you to keep a food diary of everyting she eats so you can link it with an allergic reaction. Also keep a bottle of piriton syrup around, if an allergic reaction arrises again then give her some.

It could very well be milk as you can be fine with a food one day and allergic to it the next. My dd is anaphylactic to many things, she started off with hives but now has to carry an epipen.

Your GP should refer you to an allergy specialist to carry out some sensitivity tests, I would ask for a referral. An allergy can stay the same, get worse or dissapear all together. My dd's got worse. Make sure you always have your piriton to hand & take it out with you.

nikki81 · 10/04/2007 21:03

Thanks everyone. Yes she drinks orange squash but mainly blackcurrant. Doc didn't seem bothered at all and said it should just clear out of her system but im worried as this is the second time now and what she had cold have been only a very small amount, next time she could have more and the reaction could be worse, that's what scares me. Also what do I tell them at nursery etc? Washing powder, I am using Daz now after changing a couple of months ago, before then using persil or something. Surely cant be that? Or I thought of something in the garden but she is always out there and doesn't react. So doc can refer us for tests? Thanks for your advice, sorry lots of questions but never had to deal with this kind of thing!

OP posts:
nikki81 · 10/04/2007 21:26

Just wanted to add, read just now about children being allergic to bananas, she had a banana couple of days ago and one today. Also milk, she had a yoghurt this afternoon and it seemed to make her worse. Oh the posibilities!

OP posts:
tatt · 10/04/2007 21:54

Did she also have a temperature this time as some children get rashes when ill but they aren't allergies?

Your child can develop a reaction to something she has had safely before but its more likely to be something new, if it is an allergy. It could be contamination with something. Ask your gp to refer you but be prepared for a long wait as it hasn't been life threatening. The consultant will probably do some standard skin prick screens but it's much easier for them if they have some idea what to test for. So try and list exactly what she had eaten before this last reaction, what soap powder had been used on her clothes and whether she'd been in contact with any pets. If she gets any more reactions do the same things and look for similarities.

Keep a bottle of piriton handy as that will help if it is an allergic response.

Jacanne · 10/04/2007 22:10

My DD gets hives - she reacts to pineapples, raspberriesand Chloramphenical eye drops. Sometimes it can take a couple of days to come out. We found that when she reacts Piriton doesn't really help as a reactionary treatment. On the GPs advice we gave every dose over 3 or 4 days and this seems to get rid of it/prevent it re-occuring. With DD it comes up on different parts of her body at different times and then goes to return again later. Fruit is quite often a cuplrit - it is also known as "strawberry rash". DD never had a temperature with it though.

I'm sure I saw a thread on MN the other day where someone said that it could also be a manifestation of a virus.

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