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Allergies and intolerances


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Playball · 23/03/2007 12:48

My son has many intollerences which are always recognised by instant diareah sorry cant spell it today....

I have just given him spag for the 1st time as he has only just started eating normal food as before he has always refused defiantly for finger foods only. DOnt worry we are under specialists. The spag was made from beef mince i normally make everything from lamb as i have never trusted a cow for anything. on the fourth mouth ful after reahing many times he was very sick. WOuld you say that it was an allergy. All the other foods have been fine with no sickness or diareah..

Please help as i do not know if you give him something else or try again...

OP posts:
flamey · 23/03/2007 12:54

Had he had mince before (of any kind)? Thinking the texture is quite unlike other foods

isaidno · 23/03/2007 12:56

unlikely to be allergic to meat, but tomatoes can be difficult to digest. has he eaten much tomato before?

Flamey prob quite right with the txture question.

Playball · 23/03/2007 13:28

He has had cottage pie but the mince was lamb. So yes he has had texture before...

You could be right about the tomatoes but i thought it would be more than likely the mince. The tomatoes may make him have the diareah as it is acidic..

OP posts:
Playball · 23/03/2007 13:29

Ps i dont reacted to beef very well and i know others that react to certain meat.

OP posts:
donnie · 23/03/2007 13:33

did his facial skin also go funny? the same thing happened when dd2 are strawberries for the 1st time - munching away then skin goes very red, followed by vomiting. After that she was fine which made me realise it must be an allergic reaction.

Hillary · 23/03/2007 13:36

Beef is a strong meat, I was vegan for 14 years and cannot eat beef to this day it makes me very sick. You can be allergic to meat. (it was on ER) It may just be that his body's not used to it.

Playball · 23/03/2007 18:11

Yes i agree that beef is very strong hence why i always and usually make everything from lamb. A year ago i had some testing on him done the one were you put the ailment in there hands and push down on the other arm. I know that these tests are really flawed but she did say to keep him away from anything to do with a cow. I too was tested and was too told the same. So i have always known that i would keep he cow intact to a minimum but i was shocked today when he reacted the way he did. So i wondered if it could have been the beef, thats all. i think i am quite terrified to give it too him again to see what will happen.

OP posts:
Hillary · 23/03/2007 18:15

If you were told not to give it to him why did you? you should get him tested at hospital, shouldn't really mess with allergies.

Playball · 23/03/2007 19:03

It was an intollerence test which are not valid within the NHS and was done privately. It was told that he has an intollerence not an allergy. Intollerence means you can give them so much of it but only in moderation. Allergy means you should not give any amounts....

OP posts:
Hillary · 24/03/2007 08:51

My dd2 has an intollerance to gluten and I was advised not to give her anything containing it, my dd1 is anaphylactic she is allergic to egg, nuts, bees and much more.

I would still recommend getting an official test before giving anymore, by giving my dd2 gluten it messes up her system for weeks, You are unaware at this point just how intollerant your ds is. It can cause long term damage if you give a intollerant person the triggering food (my friend who is also gluten intollerant told me if you continue to eat over a number of years it can give you bowel cancer) don't know about meat but its worth making an appointment with an allergy specialist.

Sorry if I came accross a bit rough, I just have alot of allergies and intollerances in my family & have seen many harmful effects caused by them if not treated with respect.

h. x

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