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Anyone elses eczema worsening at the moment

15 replies

chloesmumtoo · 16/03/2007 10:48

Was just wondering if anyone else is beginning to notice a change in there eczema. dd is beginning to itch more and flare up. School has had to get the cream out ect. I am presuming it is due to the time of year? Pollen. But just wondered if anyone else has noticed this incase i have it totally wrong and must be feeding her something she is allergic too!

OP posts:
ivelostmyboobsboohoo · 16/03/2007 10:51

mmm ds2 s eczema is worse too. he had just had patches but he has an angry rash of it all round his neck as well now that is spreading towards his face. he was prescibed fucidin for it a couple of weeks ago but its not improved so am going back to drs this afternoon

chloesmumtoo · 16/03/2007 18:08

ah poor thing. Hope you got something else to help today.

OP posts:
misdee · 16/03/2007 18:08

yup, all 3 dd's currently having flare ups/

spudmasher · 16/03/2007 18:23

Yes! I put it down to the change in temperature. It has got colder quite quickly here.

northerner · 16/03/2007 18:28

Yep my ds's is flaring up too.

kittywaitsfornumber6 · 16/03/2007 18:30

yep, my dds' always flares up in the spring and Autumn

Beauregard · 16/03/2007 20:14

Yes dd2's eczema has really flared up,i was going to start a thread asking the same thing.
I wonder why this happen's?

weepootleflump · 16/03/2007 20:20

DD is fine - think she's grown out of it but mine started getting bad a couple of weeks ago.

tutu100 · 16/03/2007 20:24

My exzema is terrible at the moment. I'm having trouble moving my fingers and wrists because of it, and the skin on my face and neck is a diffrent colour to the rest of my body. Hadn't thought about it being down to the weather, but am going to the doctors next week as I can't stand it any longer.

nulnulcat · 16/03/2007 20:35

mine is really bad at the moment and its flared up on my face so im totally concious about it but it always gets bad this time of year coz of the pollen and my hayfever is starting to. i was given fucidin as well and its not helped much either

used2bthin · 16/03/2007 20:35

DD's just developed excema, it started with a tiny patch on one cheek then spread to the other and now is over much of her face poor thing. So far we've had fucidin, aqueous cream, dermabase and just started on epiderm! Hope it is the weather, I know nothing about it as have never had it myself so had been feeling a bit frustrated that nothing seems to work.

hex · 19/03/2007 21:01

yes my dds1 and 2 have both had significant flare-ups - why is this?

chloesmumtoo · 20/03/2007 13:42

Dunno, its a pain isnt it! Dd's definately worse to what she was before. School seems to be creaming her daily now. Just when you hope they may grow out of it. must be the pollen or like they say on here the temperature change!

OP posts:
Notquitegrownup · 20/03/2007 13:47

Yes, I thought it was because he's sickening for something, but then I know it is always worse in the spring, peaking just after he goes into t-shirts and shorts and rips his arms and legs to pieces .

Ho hum. Only a few months till we can swim in the sea.

kittywaitsfornumber6 · 20/03/2007 14:31

I've just discovered Shea butter. After years of trying to find anything that would keep my kids' skin moisturised for a decent amount of time and failing. THIS WORKS and it's not expensive. have a look at this

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