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Allergies and intolerances

Allergy consultant recommendation?

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HannahandSeb · 26/01/2007 09:53

After getting no where fast at our allergy clinic I have asked friends and relatives to not buy our little boy expensive birthday presents but to donate a bit of money so that I can take him to see a consultant privately so I can finally get to the bottom of his allergies. I'm sure throwing money at the problem is not going to make it all go away but at least I will have some answers, hopefully!

Does anyone have any recommendations? I have looked on the internet but it is hard to know who might be good to see. At the mo we know he has a dairy allergy but in the past 2 weeks has had 5 reactions to unknown things ranging from fish to lentils. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Hannah

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cocococo · 27/01/2007 23:01

Our son is under Gideon Lack at the Portland - he is amazing and at the top of his field. Google him and you'll see all the papers on him.

mollymawk · 27/01/2007 23:25

My ds1 and ds2 were both recommended to Gideon Lack's group as well (lucky me they are both allergic). We saw George du Toit and he was very good - full of helpful information and didn't talk down to us.

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