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How long after consuming does food/drink pass through breast milk ?

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bensmum4 · 13/01/2007 00:09

Sorry, not a very clear title, but Iam wondering how long it is after I eat/drink something it will be detected in my breast milk. dd is exclusively bf and appears to be in pain after I eat something with milk/cheese etc in.

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Heartmum2Jamie · 13/01/2007 09:09

My ds used to be like this with egg. I could eat an omlette at tea time andby the next morning he would be a nightmare, and it lasted for well over 12 hours in him. I don't actually know the exact time..sorry.

PeachesMcLean · 13/01/2007 09:25

Hi, long time ago for me, but I seem to recall it could take 24 hours. DS had a milk allergy so if I had something like a cheese sandwich, he'd have blood in his poo 24 hours later. Though I guess it depends on the child and the nature of the allergy. Only real way to test it is to stop your own consumption of dairy I'm afraid. (He's grew out of it at around 18 months thank god)

bensmum4 · 15/01/2007 14:09

Mmm, dd seems to react within a few hours.

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NosleepNat · 17/01/2007 12:36

I've read that it can take between 1 and 24 hours (not very useful I know).

lovelymamma · 19/01/2007 11:06

hi what symptoms does your dd have? my dd is intolerant to cows milk protein passed thru my breastmilk. i may be able to offer some help and support xx

bensmum4 · 20/01/2007 23:57

She gets colicky type symptoms and is irritable as well as bringing her milk back up in big, projectile fashion.

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