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No sesame seeds till 3 years old?

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cornflakegirl · 09/01/2007 14:07

DH has asthma, so I avoided peanuts when pregnant and am not planning to give them to DS till he's 3 (he's currently 19m). This isn't a major hardship since I'm not a big fan and we don't have peanut butter in the house.

However, I've been wondering about sesame seeds, because I love hummous and eat it loads. DS has started asking for some when I have it, and I've said no, because I was planning not to give him sesame seeds till he's three. The thing is, I ate hummous all the way through pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding (he's still breastfeeding).

So now I'm wondering whether it's actually worthwhile stopping him having hummous? Any thoughts?

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cornflakegirl · 10/01/2007 09:03


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MrsBadger · 10/01/2007 09:11

Can you make your own without tahini?
I'm not up in allergies at all but I would have thought if you're not avoiding it then there's little point in him doing so...

CanStarveWillStarve · 10/01/2007 09:23

Most things that you eat don't pass directly through your milk. Dairy and peanuts are the 2 excepts to this that I'm aware of. Really not sure if sesame is the same or not - might be worth a post to tiktok on the bf board?

Anyway, I'm also avoiding peanuts for dd (11 months and still bf), and she is already milk intolerant, but she has had loads of hummous, and thankfully no reaction. Not that that means that your ds won't, so I suppose I've not been a lot of help really - sorry!

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