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MUSA · 08/05/2004 14:26

Please can somebody tell me, the way way to treat cradel cap, my son has now had it for 5 months. Done almost everything.

OP posts:
coppertop · 08/05/2004 14:28

Olive oil worked best for us. It cleared it up within about a week or so.

carla · 08/05/2004 14:32

MUSA, afraid I can't help .. only to add that dd2 is now 4 and still has it in patches. It drives me mad, to the extent that she doesn't like me brushing her hair at all (dig the hairbrush in too deep). Olive oil's fine when they're babies, but I can't face dd waking up with greasy hair and having to bath her.

shrub · 08/05/2004 14:37

i found olive oil a bit heavy, what finally cleared it was 'weleda baby oil' has calendula, chamomile and sunflower oil- no chemicals. i put some on a warm wet flannel and massaged twice a day into the area then used a dry flannel to encourage flakes to gently come away. i found if i tried to get them off before they were ready my ds's scalp would go into overdrive and produce more cradle cap.
best of luck

3GirlsMum · 08/05/2004 14:53

Have you tried Dentinix I think its called? Was something recommended to me, also baby oil, rubbed into the hair and left overnight then washed out the next day. HTH.

CountessDracula · 08/05/2004 15:18

MUSA my dd had it until she was about 16 months and I tried so many different thing. In the end Aveeno cream rubbed in twice a day worked. Whether that was just a coincidence and it was due to clear up of it's own accord anyway I can't say.

polly28 · 08/05/2004 15:35

i used a nit comb to gently brush the loose flakes away .I'm a real picker so really had to stop myself from scraping his head all the time.

aelita · 08/05/2004 19:59

I massage olive oil gently into the scalp before DS's bath, then I use a really gentle baby soap on a little sea sponge to lift the flakes. Done regularly it should hopefully do the trick, but it takes time and patience! Hope this helps.

Heathcliffscathy · 09/05/2004 15:05

sounds gross but have you tried not washing your ds's hair for a while (like, in the first instance, a week). I bath ds every night, but only wash his hair very occasionally (once every 10 days or so) and use baby organics shampoo. He has stopped getting cradle cap since i started doing this. hth

Grommit · 09/05/2004 15:15

I used Detinox shampoo for cradlecap. I was told by my heath visitor to wash his hair every night with this and then use a soft brush/comb to gently take the flakes off. Ds cradlecap has now completely gone

ChicPea · 09/05/2004 22:23

Interested in this because when my DD had this it drove me mad. Tried Olive oil which did work to a degree but had to keep doing it over and over. Tried Detinox but dried out the scalp. Was told by Pharmacist that "It will just go, all of a sudden" and it did just that. DD must have been about 6 months. Then DS had it and did the olive oil again, Detinox and T-Gel as sis in law recommended it (says everyone in LA uses this for cradle cap) and my Peadiatrician said "NO" and prescribed a 1% steroid ointment which I must say did do the trick. I was scared to apply this but he said, because DS scalp wasn't just flaky bits, it was encrusted from the Olive oil, "Letting it go this far encourages an ifection which is worse than the application of a Steroid preparation". So that's what we did. My maternity nurse said before the nut scare Almond oil was the oil to use.

Greengage · 10/05/2004 21:12

My DD had cradle cap until she was about 9 months old. It cleared up on its own eventually when her proper hair started to grow through. It is very distressing though. I used olive oil once, but decided it wasn't worth effort and any benefit it might have had was negated by using shampoo to rinse it out. DD is now 18 months old and I still only wash her hair with water, once a week. Sometimes I go longer than a week. Her hair is lovely and soft.

jampot · 10/05/2004 21:16

DD had cradle cap for about 4 months and I was desperate the day before her christening as her scalp looked minging. I had tried dentinox etc but to no avail. Anyway I just poured Johnsons baby oil onto her scalp and rubbed it in (wiping away any real excess). Left her for a few hours and then combed it straight out.

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