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Allergies and intolerances

is my 6 month old dd2 allergic to cows milk?

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jeanini · 21/11/2006 11:33

hi my dd2 has reflux and is currently on enfamil a r which helps a bit but she still possets a lot.

ive started to wean her and have tried sweet potato and carrot puree and banana.

but i then tried her with a jar of creamy rice breakfast hipp which contains cows milk and she had a really unsettled night couldnt get too sleep for hours and bad wind. also she had a green nappy in the morning. i had given it to her over 2 days and there was only 1 bad nappy. is it a coincedence or could she have an intolerance to it?

when i have just given her sweet potato she has slept a bit better. any help/advice please as im worried that she cant have anything with cows milk in it.


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chintzy · 21/11/2006 17:43

Enfamil is milk based and thickened with rice starch.

jeanini · 21/11/2006 21:32

thanks i thought that enfamil was milk based so if she is ok with that then she should be ok with cows milk in food.

i might just stick with the veg and fruit purees for a while for now.

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