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Dont know why but I am all stuffed up

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harrisey · 01/11/2006 21:10

We moved house in August, and ever since we moved in I have woken up every morning with a totally stuffed up head, all sinusy and sniffly. I am out of the house through the day so not exposed to whatever is doing this to me.
We are ina rented house but brought all our own bedding and bought a new mattress, I havent changed washing powder etc and dh - who has mild dust mite allergy - isnt any worse here. There is nothing scented inthe house and I havent changed washing powder etc since we moved. Could it be carpets (though we had bedroom carpets before). I'm not asthmatic and have never had any airway symptoms before, though have a dramatic skin allergy to Lanolin (one touch and I am in hives all over).
Dh (who is asthmatic) is no worse here. No garden to speak of, so notcoming in from outside.
The only thing I can think of is that we have moved from a VERY rural location with no pollution to suburban Glasgow where I can smell the traffic fumes - so why doesnt it bother me while I am out and about.

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CliffysMissy · 01/11/2006 22:16

I am no scientist but I had exacty the same problem when I moved from UK to work abroad for a while. the new place was down wind from a petrochemical plant and I had the most horrendous sinus pain with associated migraine which I had never had before. I think the fumes adversely affected my sinus membranes and caused them to swell upand thus cause pain and the headaches. my symptoms were always much worse indoors to out where the fume concentration seemed to be more dilute. It was also much worse when I was hot or the weather was hot. Solved in the short term by decongestants and in the longer term by air ionising machine in my bedroom and ultimately a move back to the UK. and remember that what you are having is probably an inflammatory reaction rather than an allergic one which may be the reason why DH has not shown any adverse affects.

jenthehen · 01/11/2006 22:37

Hi Harrisey, not sure if I can offer any help on this but i've noticed that i'm exactly the same as you and my symptoms start from mid september onwards. I wondered if it was linked to the central heating. Last year I purchased a new allergy free duvet and I thought that I'd solved the problem but now I think it was purely coincidental . I'm now more convinced that I suffer from a hay fever type allergy, possibly linked to leaves or fungi (we live in a rural area). I posted about this last year and I recall saying that my symptoms had improved when i purchased the duvet so i'll look back to see what date that was.

jenthehen · 01/11/2006 22:54

I've looked back on the old thread and found that I was feeling better by the end of December so I'll watch to see what happens this year.

jenthehen · 02/11/2006 07:38

Does anyone else suffer like this and have you found anything to help?

jenthehen · 02/11/2006 12:46


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