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would u think this is mild asthma?

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hermykne · 06/10/2006 12:14

dd is now 4(this week ) anyway, shes had a cough 3 weeks now, doctor prescribed nothing initially as there was no infection.
its bad at night and hoarse type thing.

so i am now thinking that maybe it is child asthma. my sister as a child had alupent syrup for chestiness.
my dd has no wheeze at all. just this coughing bout. i notices it started with the change inthe weather too. nothing all summer or last spring.

she did have a cough last winter but not as strong as this one.
then my neighbour told me her ds was on alupent last winter for his cough. no wheeziness either and quite healthy guy.

docs this pm.
but just curious for those who have mild asthma and the symptoms

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Sparks · 06/10/2006 12:22

Cough is definitely a symptom of asthma. My dd used to have that problem of coughing at night. We used to give her cough medicine, which never worked. Since she has been diagnosed with asthma, when she has this, we give her a couple of puffs on the inhaler and the cough stops straight away.

hermykne · 06/10/2006 13:25

sparks is hers mild or does she have a wheeze all day kinda thhnig

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foundintranslation · 06/10/2006 13:27

I would take her to the GP/asthma nurse and get her peak flow tested. It might not be asthma, but then again it might be.

jabberwocky · 06/10/2006 13:29

My asthma exhibits mainly as a cough. It gets worse if I am even a little bit overly tired, have a cold, etc. I have only had one wheezing incident with it.

Sparks · 06/10/2006 13:52

Yes she has mild asthma. She only gets wheezy when she has a cold. The asthma symptoms come and go. She might go for a few weeks with nothing and then have to have the inhaler maybe once a day for 3 or 4 days.

If it is mild asthma, it is extremely treatable. The inhalers work really well with my dd. She has a puff and she INSTANTLY feels better.She only has a reliever inhaler that she takes as needed, no preventer inhaler or tablets or anthing.

foundintranslation · 06/10/2006 13:55

Yes, inhalers are amazing, and very safe. (I am a lifelong asthmatic - had it moderately severely as a child, with wheezing, attacks etc., and now it's all but disappeared - but I have never coughed with it - these days it manifests itself as a constriction of breath and, bizarrely, an itchy throat/chin. But I know asthma CAN appear as a cough).

USAUKMum · 06/10/2006 14:15

my son was just diagnosed with asthma -- one of the main symptoms is coughing, especially at night. My DS doesn't cough, so it took them a while to get around to asthma Go to the nurse and have them listen to her chest. When my DS first when he was also very congested, but didn't really wheeze. at least to my ear. Our Asthma nurse said that the cold weather often brings it on. It is really managable with inhalers. So would recommend the appt !

hermykne · 06/10/2006 14:23

there was asthma in dhs family, boht his granmother and father, but unfirtunatlye that was in the early 80's and the treatments were not as now.

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USAUKMum · 06/10/2006 19:49

hermykne -- me finding out from my MIL that my DH had asthma as a child (and then telling the DR) is what made the difference in our diagnosis ! We got the diagnosis much quicker because of it. It is good to mention.

GarfieldsGirl · 06/10/2006 20:12

It does sound like she could be mildly asthmatic. Many asthma sufferers are seasonal. Mine was initially diagnosed as 'summer asthma'. Similar symptoms. Whenever asthma is bad, the first questions they always ask are; Have you been coughing? Have you had any nighttime symptoms? My asthma always gets worse whenever there is a change in the weather, and I can always tell when I need my inhaler by the itchiness on my chin!!!

hermykne · 07/10/2006 00:42

well he gave her an anibiotic and an inhaler for a week. and the nwe stop and see what happens, if the cough resumes its the inhaler.
her chest is clear.

shes had two shoots of it tonight, and this is te 1st night in 3 weeks she hasnt coughed her guts up around this time 11/12pm. so do i draw the conclusion that its asthma.

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