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icecreams,grass, sun? - excema again

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tab · 04/08/2006 21:42

Has anybody's ds, dd had worse excema in the sun or as a result of running around, tumbling around the park or garden where there's loads of grass. My ds seems to flare up with the sun but again that could also be the sun cream. sometime I think its food but the excema had seemed to have really died down and now, come the summer its back with a vengeance. He also has these funny large goosebump type rash which keeps coming up on his arms. Its not coloured (just skin colour) and I really cant put it down to any food - looking at ingredients is driving me crazy. I cant refuse him an ice cream in the park but that's another possiblity. anybody similarly baffled?

OP posts:
Beauregard · 04/08/2006 21:47

That goosebump type rash you describe was exactly how dd1's excema started ,it came from no where last summer and yes the sun does seem to aggrevate her skin.
I remember reading somewhere that there is photo sensitive excema.

strongmints · 04/08/2006 21:50

Thats interesting - ds has eczema - its worse in summer and he cannot bear the sun - wants to sit in shade/ be covered up etc

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