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DD Eczema is back after a good few weeks

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jenk1 · 30/06/2006 20:09

thought we had her eczema under control, but no in the last month she has had impetigo 2 times, has been prescribed antibiotics and fucidin but its come back again so they have given us more.

In January her RAST tests came back clear and the allergy specialist told us to put her back on dairy and wheat and she has been ok but in the last month her eczema is getting worse.

I wash her clothes in biological then Surcare and then an extra rinse and ive not changed the soap powder so just wondering what it could be.

Any suggestions?


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Blondilocks · 30/06/2006 20:17

I've had eczema & it just seems to come & go. When I think yey I've seen the back of it it'll reappear. It's sooo irritating.

My LO had a few patches & baths in the oilatum seemed to help (I find it's good for relieving the itchy feeling).

jenk1 · 30/06/2006 20:23

yes we bathe her in oilatum but it doesnt seem to be making any difference, im wondering could it be the hotter weather that sets it off?

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singersgirl · 02/07/2006 11:13

I think that I've seen suggestions on here that regular probiotics (ABCDophilus or similar) can help with eczema and other immune responses. Think it's Threebob who gives it to Bob (who I know has multiple allergies and intolerances).

Pixiefish · 02/07/2006 12:15

dd is bad atm as well jenk. i think it's the weather.

do you see a dermatologist? or just the gp. dermatologist will be of more help and will also put you in contact with the skin nurse who will help and who you can ring to go and see at times of need.

i dry wrap dd at night now on advice from the skin nurse and she is loads better.

kiskidee · 02/07/2006 12:38

ask for Epaderm. moisten skin in bath and lather a bit in your hand like soap. coat her with it. you don't have to rinse it off as it is a moisturisor and bath emollient.

ericsmummy · 04/07/2006 19:57

My 20 month old DS has had eczema since approx 2 months old (my DH has eczema, asthma & hayfever so it was always likely our children would). After numerous different creams - aqueous, epaderm, oilatum, hydrocortisone etc) nothing seemed to control it. We took him to a private dermatologist (DH has company private medical care) and he promised us he would clear the eczema in a week - and he did. He gave us a new cream mixture - 200gms Diprobase; 30 gms Eumovate; 15gm Fucidin - all mixed together, applied six times a day to start with (now, three weeks later we only apply once a day to keep it at bay). He also told us no artificial colourings or flavourings - really easy to do with a baby I know, not so easy with a school age child. And for bathing he told us to use Dove Extra Sensitive Soap Bar (costs 75p!) and short baths (10 mins max). When we used Oilatum under GPs instructions, she said he must be in the bath for at least 20 mins but bathing obviously dries out the skin so the less time they are in it, the better. The cream mixture we now get via GP so obviously don't have to pay. Anyway, as I said, you would not now know my DS had had eczema - his skin is clear. Not sure if it was the cream, the removal of artificial colourings/flavourings or the Dove soap but maybe worth a try. Good luck

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