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Air purifiers - any good ones you can recommend?

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Utka · 11/06/2006 17:51

We are planning to get an air purifier for dd1 who is 5 and has hayfever, eczema and various allergies (food and other things). The main reason is to keep her bedroom cool as she finds the heat aggravates her eczema. We've been through several fans but they've soon run out of steam and we now think we might as well invest in an air purifier (damp dusting has really helped her skin) - which would both keep the air cool and remove impurities, such as tree pollen, to which she's allergic.

DH has tracked a couple down that score highest in consumer tests - Alen and Whirlpool made ones, but they seem to be only available in the States.

Anyone got any experience of them?

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NotQuiteCockney · 11/06/2006 18:26

We have a Phillips one, as we couldn't face importing one from the US, then having to import filters all the time.

We got ours on ebay, because of some building works kicking up dust. It works pretty well, I think, certainly seems to make a bit of a difference.

Utka · 11/06/2006 21:37

Thanks for this. I hadn't thought of ebay, but of course it's an obvious place to look.

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NotQuiteCockney · 11/06/2006 21:41

We got ours for like £100, which was a very good deal, as they're meant to be £300. Filters are about £80 though, I think, once per year.

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