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Allergies and intolerances

Facial rash from solids - help !

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jasperc163 · 06/06/2006 08:04

Apologies for duplication as have also posted this on weaning board.

My LO is 7.5 months and on Neocate (suspected MPSI and reflux) and shows little interest in solids. What she does take seems to cause a red spotty eczema type rash on her face - but it seems to be just about everything (rather than one or 2 foods). The only time the rash disappeared was when i stopped any solids for 2 days (it went totally). I cant believe that she is intolerant to everything (!) but its clearly the food - eg pear, apple, avocado, banana, papaya, mango

Anyone experienced this? what would you do?
Can allergy testing be done at this age?

Has anyone any experience of this

OP posts:
bluejelly · 06/06/2006 08:20

My dd used to get the red rash you describe from a variety of things eg cows milk, tomatoes, oranges
My health visitor referred me to a dietician
who said it was likely to clear up in time.

By the time dd was 18 months the allergies had completely disappeared.

jasperc163 · 06/06/2006 09:04

thanks bluejelly - thats positive news.
I suppose my concern is that this is a reaction to so called low allergy foods (dairy, tomato etc are all more likely) and that it seems such a widespread reaction? She has so far had no dairy, soya, citrus, tomato or gluten.

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threebob · 06/06/2006 09:21

Does she get all the solids in her mouth - or it the rash a contact type thing which she scratches and thus brings out excema elsewhere on her face.

Or Ds had this and it turned out he was allergic to latex, thus the banana and avocado were causing the symptoms.

Pear, rice, lamb and something else I will remember and post later are supposed to be the least allergenic foods.

jasperc163 · 06/06/2006 09:33

No some food going on her face most of the time. But I dont see any evidence of her scratching or the food irritating her when it is there.

Yes pear is odd isnt it as its meant to be very safe. She wont touch veg so its hard to know if thats a problem too.

OP posts:
bluejelly · 06/06/2006 11:17

My dietician was very chilled said just keep trying her with different foods, leave the ones she is allergic to for a while, try them again later...
I think it's fairly common as they get used to new food and doesn't mean she's going to be allergic for life.

jasperc163 · 06/06/2006 11:46

thanks :-)
problem is we cant work out what she isn't allergic too!

OP posts:
bluejelly · 06/06/2006 11:57

Try giving her one food at a time so that you can monitor it.

Does she get excema? My dd had that too but she grew out of that too.

Do you breastfeed? I carried on for quite a long time because of her allergies and I think that may have helped. Though don't feel guilty if you don't.

Oh and try not to get stressed about it- i know it's hard but the chances are she will grow out of it and you don't want her to pick up on negative food associations in the meantime!

jasperc163 · 06/06/2006 12:29

No unfortunately we had major feeding problems due to reflux and i had to give up breastfeeding at 4 weeks and only managed to express for another 3 weeks before there was nothing left. She had normal formula for a while but has been on Neocate (hypoallergenic) for 5 months or so.

I am feeding one at a time but they all seem to result in a rash, hence the confusion. I think i am going to stop for 2 days again and see if rash goes, just so i can be double/triple sure its food.

She has a tiny amount of eczema on her body but it is not much.

Maybe its worth trying to get her tested?

thanks again

OP posts:
kickassangel · 06/06/2006 12:46

my dd went red in the face with every new food. after she had something a few times, she stopped reacting, but i had to go back to just pear & rice quite often, then 'build it up' again. by 18 months she was eating everything in sight.

threebob · 06/06/2006 20:09

Ds still gets a facial rash after pear. he's 3. Try putting on a thin layer of vaseline before she eats and then wiping it off afterwards.

If ds's chin gets too bad we have to give him half a crushed zyrtec tablet - she would be old enough to have a small dose in the states - maybe worth looking into. Don't do the syrup though - lots of other crap to react to.

I'm not sure a topical rash is anything to worry about - it just looks horrible.

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