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suncreams flared up eczema on hols - advice please

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smoggie · 29/05/2006 22:38

Ds1 has v sensitive skin with eczema almost constantly behind knees and in elbow creases. He's also allergic to eggs and nuts with hayfever to boot (typical atopic child!) We've tried aqueous cream (makes him scratch +++), aveeno no good either (had gluten allergy until a year ago and still a tiny bit sensitive to it -oats etc.), diprobase now seems to be bringing him out in strange scabby type rash. He only ever has oilatum oil in the bath but the cream makes his eczema worse strangely enough.
We've just retunrned form a week in the sun and after the usual disasters with suncreams we eventually resorted back to Proderm which still flared his eczema up but not half as bad as all the others I've tried. I was in tears one morning as he screamed when we put the suncream on - never again - UK hols for a few years!
Anyway he now has eczema all down his arms, on his body, legs and under his chin and very dry, bumpy skin on his torso. THere are also some wierd patches of almost fungal looking red/scabby areas. Really don't know what to try next - don't like the thought of putting hydrocortisone on every night and was wondering what you use that you've found works. Am going to take him to the docs but wanted to go armed with a bit of info. about the other possibilities out there. THanks in advance.

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smoggie · 30/05/2006 09:41


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Rhubarb · 30/05/2006 09:45

See a dermatologist. The red fungal scabby patches sound like psorasis which my dh has, although it is very rare to get it in childhood, his sister did however. You need to get him to a specialist and they will be able to prescribe a cream more suited to his skin.

smoggie · 30/05/2006 09:58

Thanks - I might ask for a referral from the GP as nothing we seemt to do in the way of emollients seems to help - just make it worse. I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences with emollients and had any they would recommend, although I suspect its pretty subjective and it's going to be a case of more trial and error (and painful scratching in the meantime for poor ds1).

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Rhubarb · 30/05/2006 12:42

Have you tried kamillosan? I used it for sore nipples when I was breastfeeding and you can get it in baby form. I've also got a pot of honey and propolis cream that I use on dd's eczema, it doesn't irritate her at all. It's from Stour Provost, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5LT Tel 01747 838055. It is an eczema cream.

azroc · 30/05/2006 12:49

Try Green People, they do a natural sunscreen for children. The company was founded by somebody whose daughter had bad eczema.
Other companies make natural sunscreens too, can't remember who, but try as I'm pretty sure they stock some too.
Much better than that nasty chemical glop!

Rhubarb · 30/05/2006 12:56

Bet it costs a fortune though! Sad

azroc · 30/05/2006 13:04

I think we paid about £12.99 for a tube, but it lasts ages. And worth it anyway to avoid the nasties!Smile

smoggie · 30/05/2006 16:55

Will give kamillosan a go - we actually have a tube of that as I sent dh out to the chemist for calomine lotion when ds had the pox and he came back with camomile!!!!(?sp) This from a medic too!!!
Am off to check out the greenpeople website too - the price doesn't seem too bad as I was paying 9.99 for Proderm mousse. Thanks.

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SarahSparkles · 02/06/2006 13:41

Glad I found this thread. :) My son suffers from eczema and this year I can't find a suncream he can use. Even the brands we've used before are causing problems. :(
We have been patch testing creams on the inside of his upper arm, but when a tube of creme costs a minimum of £4 you can see how this might quickly get expensive!
I'm off to have a look at those links, anyway..

3mum · 02/06/2006 14:28

I think its trial and error unfortunately. E45 suncream which lots of people recommended really aggravated my Ds eczema but my current favourite is the Banana Boat factor 50 for babies which doesn't ssem to make things worse. You can get it from big branches of Boots.

SarahSparkles · 02/06/2006 15:31

Unfortunatly banana boat is the one we used last year that made him really itchy and sore this year. :(
Ah well, I shall keep trying...

williamsmummy · 05/06/2006 16:09

roc suncream was OK for us.
also consider hols with lakes that you can swim in. many have sand as well .
For many years beach hols were a souce of constant pain for our allergic child, but lake water was fantastic!!

Kaloo20 · 05/06/2006 16:45

P20 works for us

honeybunny · 05/06/2006 18:09

I'm finding Ultrasun sunscreen in a lower factor much better for my eczema-ie son. It doesnt sting when it goes on and the lower factor (spf17, uva protection is 93%) seems to have less reactive ingredients in it. Its also a once a day thing which really helps too. We used it in Antigua at Xmas and for the first holiday ever we had no sunburn and no reactive eczema. We did make sure to keep out of the midday sun, but I'd do that with the children no matter how high their SPF.

smoggie · 06/06/2006 12:01

thanks for al lof those suggestions. Will have to do some selective testing!

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Heartmum2Jamie · 06/06/2006 16:22

I'm glad I have seen this as we put suncream on ds for a day trip on Saturday and his skin is now covered in a red, bumpy rash. His eczema always starts like a rash and then the spots join up and become yucky head to toe eczema. I will have to try some of these suggestions. I really think that a "try before you buy" would be a good idea for suncream manufacturers!

MamaHuston · 04/11/2006 00:55

Hi there, I'v given up on creams and get longsleeved UV swimshirts from a New Zealand company It avoids using creams and keeps sand out at the beach. They are not cheap but cheaper than throwing cream away! Good luck.

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