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Allergies and intolerances


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misdee · 27/01/2004 21:27

anyway dd1 has allergy appointment next week, i'm not sure what they are going to do, anyone available to help me?

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popsycal · 27/01/2004 21:30

sorry to but in with a very useless post - but isn't this a brand new tpic - allergies....???
good luck misdee!

misdee · 27/01/2004 21:33

yup, and i'm the first to post, o i feel so proud!!

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coppertop · 27/01/2004 21:35

Sorry, I have no idea about the allergy clinic but just wanted to join you in saying "hooray!".

misdee · 27/01/2004 21:38

just needing to know if they will do bloodwork there and then or will call her back afterwards. she's only 3 and 3/4 so i dont want to scare her, she seems daunted at appointments already but always complies with her skin being 'inspected' but i dont know how she will react to blood tests.

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cocococo · 27/01/2004 23:33

Hooray Too! Were off for our allergy test tomorrow so will let you know how we get on! DS who is 2 will be having a skin prick test of 20 possible allergens. This is our first appointment with the consultant and we've been told the results will be visible there and then. Have you been told to avoid antihistamine for 2 weeks before as this will (obviously!) interfere with the result you get back. We're definately not having bloods done.

sibble · 28/01/2004 00:19

My DS had skin prick tests done to his back on the initial visit with a rather comprehensive family history taken and history of his reactions. Then based on the results of the skin prick tests he was sent for blood tests.
He did react very badly to some of the skin prick tests but I had to ask the Dr for some topical antihistamine cream to be put on. He was just 3 at the time and squirmed a bit at the skin pricks but was more bothered by the reactions which were severe. once the anithistamine was applied he was fine.
Good luck

robinw · 28/01/2004 09:24

message withdrawn

cocococo · 28/01/2004 16:05

Well we had the skinprick test this morning. Milk, Eggs, Peanuts showed up. We're booked to see the dieticin who will help with following a dairy free diet for a month and then back for blood tests. DS drinks nearly a pint of milk a day very happily so the milk aspect was a real shock!

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