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how can i help itching 8 month old to sleep

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forevermore · 11/04/2006 14:39

8 month old dd has excema (i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy). the worst thing about this is the itching.

It has now go tthe point where we are not getting much sleep, she is always in our bed, my relationship with my husband is suffering because we are always tired and snapping at each otherAngry.

She needs help to sleep, stay sleeping and sometimes restraining from itching. she has on a gro and vest, is bathed before bed, and has a light blanket over her. (i stopped putting her in 2.5 tog grobag cos i thought it may make her too hot?)

this doesn't stop her rubbing face, neck and using her feet to rub behind the oposite knee.

i am also starting to worry over the psycological affects this must be having on her??

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drosophila · 11/04/2006 14:49

Feel for you. DS had extreme eczema as child. Different things work for different people. What worked to soe extent for us was:

  1. Limit bathing- (water really irritates soem eczema)
  2. If dry eczema then use your creams a lot.
  3. If wet eczema _tea tree oil to reduce infection
  4. Some people have found Piriton helps
  5. Don't be afraid to use steroid ointments (ointments better than cream ime)
  6. Water softner.

If I think of anymore I'll post again.
drosophila · 11/04/2006 14:54

HAve a look at the water softners here \link{\Healthy House}. Have a look around the site there are loads of products that you may find helpful.

HenniPenni · 11/04/2006 14:58

Also using only cotton clothing and don't have the bedroom too hot.

forevermore · 11/04/2006 21:15

thanks for advice

OP posts:
WestCountryLass · 17/04/2006 21:44

My friend used to get her baby ready for bed (bath, cream etc) and then she used to put a nappy and vest on and then put a babygro over it but did not put babys arms in the sleeves and knotted the arms, baby had scratch mitts on. Have to say her baby was very placid and tolerated this, not sure if mine would!

vnmn · 18/04/2006 15:55

Hi forevermore

My ds has eczema which was severte when he was that age.I foung putting on mitten pyjamas from cotton comfort quite useful -It is a baby gro with sleeves covering the hands and is quite roomy.-a bit expensive but last long -also I buy regular baby grows and stich on extra long hands on to them using the cotton comfort one as a template.

Jessajam · 18/04/2006 16:54

My ds sleeps with socks on his hands! Also sometimes have to hold his arms down (gently) to stop him itching himself out of falling alseep.

We found kamillosan (bought for sore nipples!) has really helped his (not too severe) excema on his face and neck. Doesn't say it's for excema, but if it works on sore, itchy nipples....!

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