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Allergies and intolerances

At what age is it considered safe to give peanut butter?

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FrannyandZooey · 02/04/2006 14:39

We have no allergies or whatever that I know of, but have been avoiding peanuts just as a precaution. At what age is it generally considered unlikely to cause a reaction?

OP posts:
Nikkinoo · 02/04/2006 14:50

I think it is 3 y.o

FrannyandZooey · 02/04/2006 14:56

I thought so too Nikki but thought I would check.

OP posts:
Chapsmum · 02/04/2006 20:35

If your child has asthma or eczema or you or your husband have hayfever or asthma, current literature recommends waiting till the age 7 before you introduce nuts (according to the chaps consultant).
for others I would think 3 if only for a safety POV!!!

fastersleep · 02/04/2006 20:41

Crikey, really? dh has asthmatic bronchitis in the summer, ds's have mild eczema AND I give them peanut butter sandwiches. They have been fine so far - I shouldn't stop should I? Worried now.

Chapsmum · 02/04/2006 20:44

If they have not had a reaction I am sure it is fine.
Children with astham and acsema are know as atopic. they have heitened immune responsis which produce the ecsema and asthma lyke symptoms. they usually grow out of this.
before the age of 7 they are more likely to have and allergy to nuts, but that does not mean to say that they will. If you have already introduced it successfully I dont see a problem. But if you are concered ask you HV for advice
have you chaged your name FA??

Tipex · 02/04/2006 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fastersleep · 02/04/2006 20:51

chapsmum - I'm not that fa. It's a long story but I changed my name as a prank earlier and haven't changed it back yet! Am still pondering a new name as I am fed up with QE.

Phew, glad you sorted that out re the peanut butter for me, I really was starting to worry I was putting my ds's at risk.

Nbg · 02/04/2006 20:53

Can I ask, my dd is 2.5 has no allergies or eczema although I have asthma. Would she be ok to eat nuts or peanut butter?

Chapsmum · 02/04/2006 21:04

Nbg, what I would say is that she wil proabaly be fine. use the smooth on so she doesnt choke!
no one can say for definate weather someone will or wont be allergic to nuts, what we can say is that there are certain risk factors which would make you consider delaying the introdution of nuts. this was advice given to me my the chaps allergy consultant, he is allergic to egg, has ecsema and we were advise not to introduce nuts till the age of 7. Our GP had not heard of this advice but said it probably made sence.
keep a close eye on you wee on the first and just as importantly the second time you introduce nuts.
Tipex, would you really give peanut butter to your own 6mo?Shock
you can know its safe but there is just that little voice in the back of your head saying "what if".. IYKWIM

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