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Allergies and intolerances

how young can you do RAST test and where

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forevermore · 19/02/2006 21:44

would like to allergy test my 6.5 month old dd. heard of RAST test. anyone know where (in London) and when i can do this? how much would it cost?

is this the best test for seeing if there are allergens triggering my dds excema?

OP posts:
gigwig · 19/02/2006 21:52

Hi, I'm not a doctor but based on my experiences, I would not advise it in such a young dd. We had it on our DS when 14 months, it can be very misleading in such young kids, it may show up high IGE levels to allergens that your DD can tolerate - depends on how severve the overall IGE levels in the bllod are.

Sorry - not very clear, but I wish we had not had ours done on DS.

7777777 · 19/02/2006 22:13

my ds had it done at 15months and was inconclusive which was disappointing

chapsmum · 19/02/2006 23:13

my ds had it at 5.5 months following an extreme rection to aptamil having been b fead.result was fairly inconclusive, have now at 7 month succesfully re introduced dairy.

Heartmum2Jamie · 26/02/2006 21:47

I am not sure how much help I will be. My ds had his RAST test done towards the end of January at 19 months. I had a call last week to say the results are in and there are some positives (which I was expecting), but we don't get the results until wednesday.

From what I have heard and read, it is extreamly unreliable in the under 1's and not always reliable in the under 2's.

I worked out 2 allergen's for my ds just by keeping a food diary and monitoring reactions. Having said that, his gets pretty obvious skin reactions, hives, which are hard to miss!

bobbybobbobbingalong · 27/02/2006 02:11

Ds was tested at 2 for latex and has a moderate allergy. Skin prick showed nothing.

i would try skin prick first.

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