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Allergies and intolerances

8 month old baby and egg allergy

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nearlyreadytopop · 04/03/2012 09:06

DS had anaphylactic reaction to a hard boilded egg I gave him for lunch. We have no family history of allergies so I thought it was safe.
Luckily we live close to the GP who was able to give him a shot of adrenaline as he was having breathing difficulties and was going 'rag doll' like.
Aside from working through the absolute terror of this happening Im also trying to work out food wise what he can and cant have. He mostly gets home cooked food with occasional pouches when we are out and about. So at the moment its pretty straightforward. But a wander round tescos and ive decieded that food labelling is a nightmare.
He has to avoid all egg and products that include egg. We have been given Piriton and two epi pens and will attend an allergy clinic for further testing.
Im worried on a number of fronts, he is breast fed, if I eat egg is there a chance of the allergen being in my milk?
what are the chances that he is allergic to other things eg peanuts?
Sorry for rambling on, I think im still in a bit of shock about it all. But also very grateful for adrenaline :)

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Clara35 · 04/03/2012 09:22

Hi, from my experience with ds when he reacted to dairy the consultant said when there is one allergy then likely to be another. He was right in our case as egg showed up on tests. There are certain foods that are more allergy prone like dairy, eggs, tomatoes, citrus fruit, kiwis, nuts. It is a minefield at the start but you will find your way & get used to reading labels & carrying food with you when out & about. There are some great mums on here who will no doubt come along with good advice. Smile

Clara35 · 04/03/2012 09:23

Oh also when I was breastfeeding I had to avoid all dairy & egg.

CasaBevron · 04/03/2012 11:34

Hi nearly, sounds as though you have had a frightening experience, I don't blame you for being in shock!

In our case, ds had a skin reaction to raw egg white at about 3 months old when I accidentally got some on him while I was baking. We had him skin prick tested privately (we were told that there would be a long wait for NHS testing as he was not allergic to milk) and found that he is also allergic to cashew nuts. Egg and nuts/peanuts (which are actually a legume rather than a nut) have similar proteins, which is why children are often - but by no means always - allergic to both.

The eight most common allergenic foods are egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish (although I think these two are most often adult-onset allergies), soya and sesame. There are others that are becoming more common, such as celery and mustard. All of these have to be listed by law on the ingredient panels of pre-packaged food. If you have already started weaning your DS, he may have already eaten some of these and be fine with them. If there are foods on the list that he has not already eaten, I would personally wait for your appointment and testing before introducing them.

Your choice, but if you choose to introduce them before seeing a specialist, bear in mind that an allergic reaction does not necessarily happen on the first exposure. DS has now had all the foods on the list apart from shellfish, and I introduced them all by rubbing a tiny bit on his cheek first, then his lip, then his tongue, all at intervals of at least ten minutes. This was in spite of having clear RAST and skin prick tests - I err on the side of being overcautious!

I didn't think that my consumption of egg was affecting DS through my breastmilk, but he did have a couple of small patches of eczema that have disappeared since I cut it out of my diet, so who knows? I have to say that I did start to manage the eczema better once I knew about his allergies, so the jury's out on that one. I worry more about him inadvertantly coming into physical contact with them if I eat them, so I do not eat egg or nuts at all. In fact we are an egg and nut free house at the moment while I try to get my head around the whole thing!

The good news is that egg is one of the allergies most often outgrown, so there is every chance that it will not be lifelong for your DS. They test for both raw and baked egg, as the protein changes with cooking, so it may be that your DS might start to tolerate hard-baked egg, ie cake, before raw if he starts to outgrow.

It does get easier. DS turned one yesterday and I managed to put on an allergen-free spread for the family with a really lovely chocolate cake (I'm going to start a thread and post the recipe it was so nice!) These boards have been invaluable for me - there are many lovely ladies here who are much further down the road than we are and who have loads of really useful advice and knowledge that they are more than happy to share.

Good luck, and keep posting!

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