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works Party

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Auntymandy · 28/01/2006 07:41

Its DH's works party next week. too difficult for me to go. Should I be upset cos he still wants to?
( i know the answer!)

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bobbybobbobbingalong · 28/01/2006 07:43

Why can't you go Auntymandy?

Auntymandy · 28/01/2006 07:48

Its a thursday night. Bit far to go. thought about staying over but need to be back for friday morning! DS still not well. etc etc.
the other thing, not sure DH wants me there!!!
I put up the obstcles and he doesnt find a solution!

OP posts:
bobbybobbobbingalong · 28/01/2006 07:53

So not an allergy problem then?

Auntymandy · 28/01/2006 07:59

oops! how did I put it under allergies!! thought I had put it under chat!!!

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