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Allergies and intolerances

Can anyone give me advice about reintroducing foods?

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SilentBoob · 31/01/2012 05:17

Almost 4yo ds has a delayed milk protein allergy.

We live outside the UK and have no allergy support from HCPs. It's just me feeling blindly as I go and trying to do my best for him.

He has been completely dairy free for 1 year and 3 months now. All his symptoms disappear when I completely remove all dairy from his diet. Because he was in such a bad way when we finally worked out it was dairy causing everything we never messed around, just a massive, strict blanket ban on anything squeezed from a cow. No milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cooked, uncooked, biscuits, cake, whey, sneaky ingredients, nothing.

He is at a nursery where they are fantastic and never make mistakes.

In September he will start big school. It will be harder on him and more complicated for him to be dairy free then.

My questions are...

  1. Is now a good time to start reintroducing things? I simply don't know.

  1. Where can I find guidance on what to introduce first, and in what quantities? (If we do go ahead).

  1. How long will it take to work through and be able to make a decision whether we need to stick with a blanket ban or whether he is doing okay? I have an eye on his September start in a new school. I think it will be more complicated to start him dairy free and then start messing around.

  1. Oh I don't know... what should I be reading? I am worried about him being dairy free when he starts big school, and he definitely will be if we pootle happily along as we are doing. But what if he's better now? What if he CAN have dairy now? Surely I should be finding this out?
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yawningmonster · 31/01/2012 08:57

we had a challenge at the hospital when ds was just over 2. I honestly can't remember what they gave him but they gave him a skin prick first and then a food challenge. When they both came back fine we just very slowly introduced so we did slight traces in cooked foods first eg casien. He still is not a fan of dairy in its least dilute forms such as yoghurt, cheese, milk (in fact he won't touch milk with a barge pole) but copes with baking and dairy based additives. We are a completely different case though as ds dairy issue was from very little and wasn't a true allergy as such it was because he had a gut disorder and couldn't process the protein properly until his gut matured.

dairyfreebabyandme · 22/02/2012 12:51

Get referred for advice. We are seeing a dietician on a regular basis for cmpi. She suggested starting with a biscuit (milk cooked, so less likely to cause bad problems) once a day for four/five days. However, what is suitable for my baby may not be suitable for yours, hence me saying get referred.

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