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advice on neocate please

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worriedmummy30 · 31/12/2011 20:59

hi wondering if anyone can help, or should i go back to consultant my son is on neocate he is 18 months old and is allergic to milk soya wheat gluten and egg before he was 1 he was on nutrameign aa and use to eat 3 meals a day since he has been on neocate he is now not eating at all except 2 rice cakes and a biscuit i have tried everything he is solely relying on the neocate is now up to 4 bottles a day i have tried leaving him to cry but he stops breathing so cant do that he has laynx malacia he is also waking up every 90 mins throughout the night and take about 20ml and then goes back to sleep. i sit him in his highchair for meals i have tried feeding him i have left him to feed himself and all he does is play with it and then chucks it on the floor and laughs i have also tried giving him water instaed of neocate but he spat it out, i am now so tired i cant function proberly should i ask to go back on nutrameign what should i do please advise some body i am so worried about him not eating

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freefrommum · 31/12/2011 21:19

I have never heard of a child on Neocate not eating, I would definitely ask to see consultant again ASAP. Sorry I can't offer more advice, sounds like you're having a terrible time. I would say that Neocate is nutritionally very good tho so don't worry too much in the meantime. Good luck.

worriedmummy30 · 31/12/2011 21:51

thank you i will it just seems that since he has been on neocate eating has stopped and i worry about how it will be when he is older

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tumble8 · 31/12/2011 21:59

sorry Im not going to be much help , im not sure of the calorie differnce between the two. One thought might be to dilute the neocate slowly, reducing in concentration,to make him less full. I guess you should prob ask someone medical though.

my daughter is almost exclusivly on neocate at age three due to eosinophilic disease.

hope you are able to get more sleep xx

worriedmummy30 · 31/12/2011 22:04

thank you tumble can i ask and dont mean to be nosey but what is eosinophilic disease. do they get everything they need from neocate ie vit minerals

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tumble8 · 31/12/2011 22:21

Its where the white blood cells attack food like its a foreign body and these cells ( eosinophils ) gather in ther digestive tract causing ulcers , bleeding , nausea etc etc. Some people it is all food , in some one food that causes the reaction, it is connected with allergies.

Because neocate LCP is based on amino acids it is safe and provides everyhting needed! I have nightmares about not being

tumble8 · 31/12/2011 22:22

ooops, able to get it!

worriedmummy30 · 31/12/2011 22:25

thats awful thank you for sharing it with me. so i take it neocate has everything needed that the body needs

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tumble8 · 31/12/2011 23:23

yes it does , so be reassured he is getting everything he needs as long as he drinks enough of it, only concern might be psychological, that when children dont eat at all they have issues with food.

hope that reassures you

worriedmummy30 · 31/12/2011 23:26

thank you

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