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caffeine helps relive asthma attacks

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megandsoph · 09/01/2006 15:50

Did anyone else know this??

I saw something the other day regarding Asthma attacks and just google for info now and there has been alot of study and great results.

Dd2 has suffered with severe asthma which was finally diognosed Aug last year after her suffering many attacks and a massive argument beteen my GP (saying she didn't have asthma) and My consultant and A&E Doctors (saying erm yes it is asthma). I was left many a time with no medication for dd as GP wouldn't perscribe any inhalers which resulted in a many a visit to the hospital. why didn't they mention that in an emergancy I should give DD a bit of coffe or something?

any DR's out there who know about this?

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megandsoph · 09/01/2006 15:52


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Albert · 09/01/2006 15:56

As a life long asthma sufferer I agree that it helps a little but only if the attack is really mild (not A&E level). I found it also works for headaches. I don't drink coffee at all (can't stand the taste of it) and occasionalyy drink cola so maybe it works for me because I don't generally have much caffeine in my system. I would not recommend that you give up any medication that DD has to take in favour of this though.

megandsoph · 09/01/2006 16:03

oh no Albert I would never do that!

But I wish I would of known for all the times I was stuck without medication due to none perscription.

Dd's asthma is the kind that usually happens after a cold, it's quite progressive and gets worse after a couple of days when she has had a cold. Since I now hove a preventer and reliever on perscription we haven't had a trip to a&e. so I was thinking maybe if I had been given this information it could of help relive her symptoms before they had ever got that bad.

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