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Allergies and intolerances

some advice please on 2.3 year old diahorrea since birth

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Chundle · 28/11/2011 20:31

Ok as above really diahorrea and reflux since birth though reflux easing now. Never had a solid poo. Doc put on pepti milk at 4 months but didn't help so stopped it at 12 months and resumed normal milk diet. Diaorrea seems to flare up every couple months and become very very watery so much that nappy can't contain ( sorry TMi). When its like this the poo burns the skin on her bottom ands blisters if she's not changed immediatley, it makes her skin so sore she won't sit down and skin looks like she's been burnt with scalding water.

However she is thriving and a good size and weight so doc says its toddler diahorrea so my question is could it still be toddler diahorrea despite it being present since birth? There's no way I can see how potty training can happen at this rate as every time she passes wind she poos!

Thanks x

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Nelleh · 28/11/2011 21:26

My nephew had similar symptoms - poo smelled AWFUL. Was lactose intolerant. Fine now. (Soya products instead of dairy).

Also, investigate acidophilis. Has DC taken antibiotics at all? They could be a trigger (I am not a medic - this was my nephew's trigger)

TeWihara · 28/11/2011 21:32

Have you tried the toddler diahorrea diet changes and have they had any impact at all? info here it's basically a third of calories from fat, very limited fiber (no whole grains), no fruit juice or squash, less fruit particularly acidic fruits.

If it hasn't then I think you should be going back to the doctor's.

My DD had toddler diarrhoea for a year and half - being VERY strict re diet did actually help, and seems to have given her digestive system a chance to develop and she can cope with more fruit and fiber than she did before. But her's also didn't develop until she was 1 and stopped having breast milk.

I'm sorry, I wish I could help more - it is frustrating and horrible.

milkjetmum · 28/11/2011 21:44

I agree with the lactose tip. My dd had secondary lactose intolerance and her symptoms were just like that (particularly the burn-like rash and wet farts). Have you tried lactofree milk or using colief drops? Drapolene cream and/or epaderm were the best barrier nappy creams for us.

Good luck

thisisyesterday · 28/11/2011 22:00


i thought lactose intolerance too

the problem with the aptamil pepti is that it is for children with an intolerance/allergy to cow's milk proteins. it is made of cow's milk, but with the proteins altered to make it easier to digest.

thus, it still contains lactose.

I would stop giving ANY dairy products and see if things improve. there are other milks you can use, especially now she is older.
my children drink fortified Oatly

Chundle · 29/11/2011 13:08

Many thanks all of you that's a great help. I think we will stop the milk for a week or two and see what occurs as can't go on like this anymore its so exhausting and she doesn't sleep at night either which makes things doubly worse. Will stock up on oatley milk as she's had that before and see how things go.
Thanks again guys xx

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duchesse · 29/11/2011 13:12

Mine's the same, same age, has been since like since about 7 months old. I strongly suspect it to be a problem with dairy. Nursery are urging me to get it investigated medically having witnessed the problem first hand (bottom actually sore to the point of bleeding if not changed within a minute), seriously toxic waste. Doctor just ignores me when I suggest that it might be dairy, and basically fobs me off. Has only ever prescribed Aveeno for her eczema, not even remotely interested in toxic waste poo.

Chundle · 29/11/2011 13:31

We use metanium for her bottom which is fab. Her poo smells horrific and is like you say totally toxic. Am going to take her off dairy and see what happens. She's under a paed already for behaviour/ development so I shall report back to him in December with my findings! She has just started melatonin for her sleep but I can't find any link that this could've worsened her poos.

OP posts:
Chulita · 29/11/2011 13:45

DD (just turned 3) had never had a solid poo until around July this year. She was potty trained in May because she wanted to but I had no idea how to get around squits on the floor, as it happened she'd hold it til we put her in a pull-up at night Hmm (another problem all together). We went to see several people about it and were told toddler diahorrea, tried diet changes but nothing happened. Little by little she started having more solid poos and now they're 'normal'. I never thought she'd get here tbh after so long of disgusting bum-blistering poos but she did! It might be that your dd will grow out of it in time too, wrt potty training we only had one squitty mess to clean up even though she wasn't poo trained til about 6 weeks ago.

duchesse · 29/11/2011 13:51

Chundle, just realised I think I know you in RL! Tell me what Paed said please! Will take that what paed tells you to my GP and try to get her vaguely interested.

Chundle · 29/11/2011 13:58

Haha small world duchess inbox me! And yes will let you know.

OP posts:
mawbroon · 29/11/2011 14:05

Is she tongue tied Chundle? There is a link between tongue tie and reflux and other gastric problems.

Most posterior tongue ties will not be spotted by the untrained eye, and there are not many trained eyes about.

Have a look at ds1's on my profile.

mawbroon · 29/11/2011 14:10

oh and there is also a link between high palates and sleep apnea.

and anyone not getting enough sleep will have trouble behaving.

look in her mouth, it may have some answers for you

Chundle · 29/11/2011 14:14

Thanks maw will have a look at ur pics tongue tie was questioned due to speech issue. Will have a poke around in there later!!!

OP posts:
garliclover · 30/11/2011 08:43

mawbroon, that's really interesting. My DS had all three which are now resolved at 18 mo except he has food allergies. Can you tell me where I can find more about this link between the three?

garliclover · 30/11/2011 08:44

was going to add he had posterior tongue tie and we were lucky enough to be near King's where they have a team of trained eyes!

mawbroon · 30/11/2011 09:19
mawbroon · 30/11/2011 09:20

sleep apnea leads to lower than normal oxygen levels. there is suggestion that lower oxygen levels can trigger allergies, but I am not sure if that has been proved.

garliclover · 30/11/2011 11:28

Thanks, mawbroon! I'll probably read it when feeling stronger, as sometimes I read these sort of websites and get really depressed that I stopped breastfeeding or have done something else to cause my DS's allergies....!

duchesse · 01/12/2011 09:23

garlic- don't blame yourself!! I breast fed DD3 exclusively until 9 months, and carried on until very very recently (may not quite have stopped yet), yet she is covered in eczema and has a problem with dairy. I've come to the conclusion it's not fool-proof in a highly predisposed child. Allergic bods on both sides of her lineage, poor mite- eczema, asthma, gluten intolerance, you name it... Poor little thing.

Chundle · 01/12/2011 19:26

Just updating here. 2 days on lactofree milk and we've gone from 5+ toxic very watery poos a day to two sloppy but much better poos a day! And her sleep has improved which is a weird coincidence! She has only woke once in the last two nights ( nomally many times a nite). Could be melatonin is being absorbed better now or could be she doesn't have tummy ache not sure. But I'm loving the fact the poo is better.
Thanks for all your help guys much appreciated x

OP posts:
Chundle · 01/12/2011 19:26

Oh and maws no tongue tie I don't think but she does have a high palate!!

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 01/12/2011 19:30

that's such good news chundle!
i'm really pleased for you and DD I hope it continues to get better :)


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TeWiharaMeriKirihimete · 01/12/2011 19:31

Ah - great news! 2 a day is great.

Chundle · 01/12/2011 20:13

Thanks guys hoping this is the end of quik pitstop changes on parkbenches!

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