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tomato allergy, possible to develop it at nearly 2??

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alibo · 05/01/2006 18:59

My niece has had food containing cooked and raw tomato since weaning and has been fine. However for the last few months she keeps getting a funny rash round her mouth; sister is convinced it is when a meal has had tomato in it. She is just two, and this has been happening for a few months now. Anyone found sudden reactions at this age?

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interstella · 05/01/2006 19:07

All i do know is that it is perfectly possible and indeed common to develop an allergy suddenly to something you have eaten /used for years with no problems.My ds developed a funny rash around his mouth when ever he had any thing with cows milk protein in it and he did have an allegy.hth.

polly28 · 05/01/2006 19:12

my ds always gets a red rash around his mouth and face when he eats tomato based dishes.

It is extremely common ,especially in kids with excema.It doesn't mean they can't eat them,just that the tomato is quite strong for their skin.

I read this in a book about excema and allegies .

my ds is allergic to tree nuts and eggs.Fine with tomatoes despite the skin reaction.

going4potty · 05/01/2006 19:18

Hi, tomatoes are known allergens, dh and ds both have very different reactions to them. DS gets rash, from early age and bowel affected too.

Nightynight · 05/01/2006 19:49

I developed a similar sort of thing in my teens, and was diagnosed as mildly allergic to tomatoes! I did manage to grow out of it some years later though.

alibo · 05/01/2006 22:34

thanks for replies, looks like she may be slightly allergic to tomato then?

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edodgy · 05/01/2006 22:50

My 2 year old dd gets this too, I find 2.5 mils of piriton after the rash comes out clears it up and also if you wipe any tomato that has got round her mouth off as soon as possible it lessens the redness.

staceym11 · 05/01/2006 22:52

my dd has had this for a few months now, but only with tomato skin apparantly its slightly poisneous, maybe try without skin?? worked for us!!!

staceym11 · 05/01/2006 22:54

oh sorry jsut wanted to add generally if they dont make too much of a mess (yeah right) its ok and cleaning with warm water does wonders to get rid of rash, first time it happened dd was tired and had squashed it all over her face, it looked terrible and i wanted to take her to hospital, but after a mild bath and a face was she was fine!!!

alibo · 05/01/2006 22:57

thanks, will pass on advice to sister;, thats interesting about the tomato skins!

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