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Allergies and intolerances

I'm so relieved I could cry!

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addictediam · 21/11/2011 14:48

That might be down to the pregnancy hormones! But i also wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone that has offered advice and guidence on what to do and where to go.

Dd (12.5 months) finally had an appointment with the dietition today and when she said 'I see she's been refered due to a cmp allergy' I actually could have broken down in tears. It was just such a relief to hear a hcp admitting she had an allergy.

We have an action plan in place and another appointment in march (it should have been january, but I'll be a little busy having a baby!) Were going to start introducing oatly and reduce her neocate over the next 3-6 months depending on how she feels about another change in her milk!

I am just so happy right now! Finally she is getting help from someone.

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freefrommum · 21/11/2011 19:16

That's fantastic news. So glad to hear you're finally getting the support for your DD. Can I just ask why you are planning to reduce the neocate at this stage? Only wondering because my DS is 4 and still on Neocate as dietician said it was nutritionally the best option. I think she said she plans to transfer him to oat milk at 5 but I do know that many others come off Neocate a lot earlier and I'm wondering what the reasoning is behind this (I have suspicions that it's down to money as I know Neocate is very expensive but maybe I just being cynical).

KeepInMindItsAlmostChristmas · 21/11/2011 19:22

Thats wonderful

addictediam · 21/11/2011 19:56

freefrom, I think it has something to do with money! but she did say that we could kieep going with the neocate for as long as the gp would perscribe it, and the gp has said we can have it for another year. shes had a bottle of it today and was very confused by it and kept crying for her bopbop so it could take a whole year for her to accept it! :o

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PenguinArmy · 21/11/2011 19:59


addictediam · 21/11/2011 20:06

sorry she had a bottle of oatly and wass very confused by it

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SecretNutellaFix · 21/11/2011 20:16

It's such a relief to be understood, isn't it?

Glad to hear something positiveSmile

MunchingNoPickles · 21/11/2011 21:18

Great news. Do you mix the neonate and oatly?

We did 1oz of new milk in the first week then 2ozs the next week and so on until it was all new milk.

addictediam · 22/11/2011 15:31

I didn't think of mixing them, but think i may have to! When she asks for a bottle I've been giving her the oatly but she drinks 1 or 2 ounces before spitting it out and asking for a bopbop again. I've been perservering and getting her to drink 3oz of oatly before giving her another bottle with 3oz of neocate. So I may just try mixing and slowly introducing that way. She's also had 4 teeth cut through this morning so that could also account for the crying, whinging and wanting the familiar.

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Thumbwitch · 23/11/2011 00:34

Oh hurrah for the validation feeling! So glad that your DD's issues are being addressed properly now. :)

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