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Allergies and intolerances

Thought things were good - now there bad again. I want to cry.

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youarekidding · 28/09/2011 20:00


Poor DS. Woke this morning and eyes looked puffy and he was complaining his legs itched all over - no rash. Gave him 5ml Chlorphenamine and he's had a good day at school.

Tonight ate his lasange for dinner. He started complaining his back itched, no rash and then I noticed that tell tale hive he gets on his face and also sounded very snotty and eyes look puffy again. Cue another 5ml chlorphenamine.

It was end of Aug/Sept last year he had the chronic urticaria and then November he had the sudden severe reaction. I'm gutted. I put on the double base as the hives dry his skin and it seemed to highlight a very light rash all over his face. Things were going so well and it seems it is starting again. Sad

I did put in a repeat perscription for cetirizine this morning - which we haven't needed for a few months, as when he needs few doses of chlorphenamine we switch to that for a month and monitor. I thought as he needed his first dose of chlorphenamine since May it was worth having - I never actually planned on needing to use it.

On a wierd note is it normal for the fist 'hive' to appear in the same place everytime or is that just another thing unique to DS. Grin

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Likeaninjanow · 28/09/2011 20:19

I have nothing helpful to say I'm afraid. I'm just very sorry this is happening again! Am I right in saying his allergies are unexplained? Could it be related to the seasons?

DS2 gets hives in different places all the time, and there's generally a load of them covering a big area. No idea what's 'normal' though.

youarekidding · 28/09/2011 20:26

Maybe related to the seasons. Although we seem to have summer instead of spring, autumn instead of summer and now spring instead of Autumn. Grin

Maybe he's allergic to change!

Yes they are unexplained. Tomato ketchup causes mild hives on his face. I am wondering if it could be something to do with raised histamine levels and then the tomato in the mince? Although this was a lasange frozen that he has already had 3 bits of over the past 3 weeks and the same sauce I always use. Confused

All we know is his eosinophil count is raised. This common with hayfever so may or may not be realted to these reactions. His IgE is normal and RAST's have been negative to tomato, HDM, grass and peanuts.

I wonder what is rife atm? Might be a pollen around? It seems to convenient to be the sameish time of year.

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freefrommum · 28/09/2011 21:25

DS's consultant says fungal spores are a big problem at this time of year especially for asthmatics. So sorry this is happening again.

youarekidding · 28/09/2011 21:29

Oh fungal spores and asthma - now that is interesting.

My friends DD always has a cough that makes her sick Sept - Dec, mainly evening and awful at night which started 3 days ago again. The GP diagnosed asthma. This has coincided with DS allergies starting again.

It would make sense the whole thing is connected.

God, I really pray we don't have another bad reaction this year. I will however be going straight to A&E, calling an ambulance and/or using epi-pen (whichever is required) because all the lovely support I've had here had made me realise it's best even if he is OK.

OP posts:
youarekidding · 28/09/2011 21:30

I didn't mean call ambulance/ use epi-pen if he's OK Grin

I meant any swelling or concerns using A&E is worth it even if chlorphenamine does calm it. I am NOT risking another secondary reaction. Not without a medic nearby!!

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tinytalker · 28/09/2011 23:45

Has he been tested for mould/fungal spores?

My dd is allergic to this and is worse again at this time of year, damp, lots of dead leaves, mushrooms springing up around the garden/lawn.
This last week her allergic shiners have made a comeback! Panda eyes not a good look for a self conscious 13yr old. Cue the liberal application of mum's Touche Eclat! Also asthma cough hacking up/sneezing, stuffy nose.

babybarrister · 29/09/2011 07:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youarekidding · 29/09/2011 07:32


I noticed his black eyes returning a few days ago and hoped thought maybe it was due to tiredness as he's started juniors and he has to work hard!

I know what the real cause is but still have a little bit of denial.

I will make an appointment with the GP and ask his advice. They have pretty much given up on tests but I think perhaps it's time to request skin testing to environmental allergens. Sad

He has woken this morning and is whistling through his nose on breathing so is obviously bunged up. He's very quiet and complaining his chest hurts. (this is new). I have given him 5ml chlorphenamine and some nurofen as that does seem to help inflammation.


Can I add another question? When I picked up DS prescription for new epi-pens last week he had a flu jab timetable attached. Does anyone know if 'allergic' children are counted as elligable under 'immunocompromised?' I will ring and ask but don't want to look like an idiot suggesting it comes under this bracket if it doesn't! I would like to be armed with all the information before I argue my case again!.

OP posts:
freefrommum · 29/09/2011 09:10

I don't think allergic children qualify for flu jab unless they have asthma but it's a bit of grey area. On the subject of flu jabs, I will be discussing this issue with DS's consultant next Wednesday as DS is asthmatic but has severe egg allergy and reacted to 2nd MMR jab (despite being assured that it was safe for even the most severely allergic) so GP surgery won't risk giving flu jab as it contains slightly more egg than MMR (still tiny, obviously). We are going to discuss 'alternative arrangements' which I'm assuming means having the jab in hospital, possibly in 2 doses. Despite the risk of allergic reaction, I do really want him to have the jab because of the risk of complications with the flu given his chest problems, difficult decision though Hmm.

mintyneb · 29/09/2011 09:51

oh poor you and your DS youarekidding :(. It sounds like you might be a little closer to working out what might be upsetting him but what a nightmare not knowing the exact cause. At least with a food allergy you know what to avoid and you can have some sort of control.

Don't know about the flu jabs for allergic children although you might have more of a chance if there is asthma involved. DD will be getting a flu jab (and lucky me gets one too as her main carer) as she falls well within the specified categories. It wouldn't do any harm in asking

youarekidding · 29/09/2011 16:28

Checked with surgery he doesn't qualify for flu jab. If I feel DS would benefit I'll discuss it with the GP. He is however not an 'ill' child (only 2 illnesses requiring antibiotics in 7 years Smile). He has had the chicken pox and slap cheek too but they're pretty standard childhood illnesses.

His junior school are brilliant compared to the infants. I rang this morning an explained about chlorphenamine and mild reaction and asked them to give him a dose at 12noon until I have his 1 a day AH. They are more than happy with this and I just write down and sign what time he's had a dose in the morning. Smile

He dose seem better than this morning and yesterday so it's obviously doing the job. Grin

OP posts:
freefrommum · 29/09/2011 18:42

That's good to hear youarekidding :)

youarekidding · 29/09/2011 19:28

Oh I love my GP. Grin

Rang surgery at 5pm to see if repeat prescription ready - normally takes 48 hours. It wasn't but told receptionist I was concerned that the chlorphenamine was making DS drowsy - he's just laid on sofa since school - unheard of!!

She must have spoken to the GP as he rang me at 6pm and said if I can go then he would give me the prescription!! No probs as I'm 200m from surgery!!

OP posts:
Whelk · 30/09/2011 20:50

Glad you got the prescription.
Sounds like it might be an allergy to mould spores. Has your ds been tested for that?
My dd1 was finally tested for dust and mould and now we know we can add that to her allergies, we are on top of the dust (ish ish) it has made a huge difference to her symptoms.

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