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15yo peanut allergic girl dies after kissing boyfriend

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mymama · 02/12/2005 14:19

Don't know if you all saw this news story. A 15 yo Canadian girl died after kissing her boyfriend goodnight. Apparently she had been watching dvds with two friends and her boyfriend and kissed him goodnight. He had eaten a peanut butter sandwich beforehand. She had an instant reaction and died four days later. Her boyfriend and friends did not know about her allergy as she was too embarrassed to tell them.

OP posts:
BoozyChristmacwoozy · 02/12/2005 14:22

I read this too, if I remember right, I think he had the sandwich about 3 hours beforehand

biglipskissinunderthemistletoe · 02/12/2005 14:43

yeah i read that too.... what a tragic!! but scarey!!

biglipskissinunderthemistletoe · 02/12/2005 14:44

she even had her injection there and then but it was still too late to save her!!

SnowQueenVictoria · 02/12/2005 14:46

Thats awful - peanut is a real nasty one. my dd has it. carry her epipen EVERYWHERE.

christie1 · 02/12/2005 22:25

I thought of all the ways to keep my daugter safe but this one is new. I had read about 2 months before an article that kissing can cause a reaction and I remember thinking that seems a little extreme, then, this happens. Can't let your guard down for a minute it seems.

sansouci · 02/12/2005 22:28

I have this allergy & my xp used to joke about giving me the "kiss of death". not funny.

polly28 · 02/12/2005 22:47

how awful,my ds is allergic to tree nuts.I think it's really important to teach allergic children to be ultra confident and assertive about their allergy.

A friend if mine had a teen cousin who died while on a date ,she went to an indian restaurant with boy,didn't tell him about allergy,noticed a reaction,rushed to the loo,and died .She wasn't carrying her epipen.

I think the social embarassment about seeming to be an attention seeking hypochondriac is a hurdle i have to get over in order to empower my ds.

tatt · 03/12/2005 05:38

I'd managed to miss this story - but it is why I no longer eat nuts although I love them and have no problem with them myself. Perhaps I'll find the newspaper article and carry it around for all the people who suggest that if I exposed my child to a little now and then they'd become less sensitive.

I did meet another peanut allergic teenager the other day who had nuts thrown at them in school. Its a hard world, why I insist the epipens go everywhere with us, even if we don't expect to eat.

mymama · 03/12/2005 05:47

tatt at peanuts thrown at them at school!! Ds (2) is peanut allergic too and if I thought it was hard now I guess I have no idea what lays ahead. I would hope that those kids who threw them got expelled because I don't see it as any different to throwing poison over someone. I am sure they would get expelled for that!!

OP posts:
bobbybob · 03/12/2005 05:51

This was in our paper on Wednesday and the staff at Bob's preschool have now decided voluntarily not to eat peanuts 12 hour before seeing Bob and whilst he is there (in their lunchbreak). They said it was a better option than not kissing him!

All my students gave a concert today and entry was by donation to Allergy NZ. We raised $100. One little boy had to leave his balloon outside so ds wouldn't be affected. Ds has his medic alert wrist band now and will proudly show anyone and read out the long list on the back - I dread him becoming a teenager and not wanting to let people know.

mymama · 03/12/2005 05:56

bobbybob that is good news on the preschool staff considering the trouble you had with them re: peanuts in the centre before.

OP posts:
tatt · 03/12/2005 07:17

good news bobbybob, nice to hear a good story.

Mymama I rather doubt the school know anything about it. I was told this by a six former who was running a party when I asked if the food would be safe for my child. One of the two on the door said yes, quite safe I have a nut allergy. I asked how bad it was and her friend said quite bad her face swells if you throw a peanut at her! Actually the food included lots of items with a "may contain nuts" warning, which we wouldn't consider safe (especially cadburys mini rolls!).

After that story you can see why some teenagers might prefer their friends not to know about the allergy but they will have to tell boy/girlfirends.

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