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cadburys advent calendars - withdrawn (soya and nuts)

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tatt · 29/11/2005 10:09

I expect you've all seen the messages but just in case - Cadburys Advent calendars with "cadburys Magic in Christmas", a snow scene and barcode 034660511748 contain soya and nuts but were not properly labelled. Helpline number 0800 818181. Anyone who has bought one can get a full refund by sending it to Cadbury Recall, Freepost MID 20061, Birmingham, B30 2QZ. If you could also let allergy uk know where you got it by phoning 01322 619898 they'd appreciate it.

Personally we never touch cadburys with a bargepole as they've had too many examples like this for us.

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MerlinsBeard · 29/11/2005 10:34

thank you and bump

bobbybob · 30/11/2005 05:25

Bob has a lovely Thomas one by Kinnerton for anyone looking for a replacement. They have them in Poundland.

tatt · 01/12/2005 12:27

last bump in case anyone has had problems today.

I love kinnerton - and the baking boys.

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