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Allergies to sun cream

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Lindy123 · 16/07/2011 20:40

My daughter is fine with most sun creams on her body but if I put them on her face she really reacts. Does anyone know why that might be?

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rockinhippy · 16/07/2011 23:57

Probably because the skin on her face is more sensitive - it is for most people thats why as adults we have face creams, rather than just use a body lotion for everything.

After a recent illness my own Dd has suddenly become even more sensitive to sun creams - everywhere - not just her face :( it was a bit of a nightmare for a few weeks as previously we could only use one brand & suddenly even that caused her skin to react badly :( but she didn't want to wear cover up clothes, so clothes war every sunny morning Hmm

speaking with our chemist, turns out his friend had the same problem & he recommended Soltan Baby Hypoallergenic - thankfully shes fine with it, so might be worth you trying too - good luck :)

Lindy123 · 18/07/2011 16:39

I'll give that a try and thanks for the advice. On holiday next week so need to find something fast. Hope the clothers wars have stopped.

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sweetpb · 18/07/2011 18:52

i'm allergic to any that smell of coconut!! no idea why! also handcreams, soaps etc that smell the same! do you use childrens ones? mom was convinced that it was chloride giving me a rash on holiday the one year so banned me from the pool, still slathering me in lotion so still had the rash, got home to rain and no suncream, no rash so she tried a patch of it and i started itching again! even if i dont realise as they dont smell that potent i itch, had a meal once, nipped to loo and washed hands, didnt say coconut on bottle but they ust have refilled as my hands started itching and had to go try wash it all off.

Lindy123 · 20/07/2011 14:11

Funny you mention chlorine, my 4 year old son went into a friends hot tub for a short while and he looked like he had chicken pox for a week. Mare!

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Jostones · 25/07/2011 09:28

I'm not sure what it could be, other than the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body, but our eczema specialist recommended Sunsense Toddler Milk and it has worked really well on my 11 month old ds's face and he normally reacts to sun cream on his face. It is quite expensive (we paid £12.99 for 125ml) but seems to last a while as it spreads really well. You can also get a roll on version that they quite enjoy putting on themselves (if they are old enough)

Lindy123 · 10/08/2011 12:35

Thanks, we just got back from holiday and the soltan Baby worked a treat. I used Johnsons baby lotion on her face though as it was a bit dry and up came the spots the next day. I should have known as it's very perfumed....Doh!

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freefrommum · 10/08/2011 13:49

Just to say Amazon are selling Sunsense Toddler Milk for just £7.25 with free super saver delivery at the moment (haven't tried it myself but thought you might be interested Jostones) plus I found this really useful document about eczema and suncreams:
I've just ordered the Sunsense Super Sensitive 50 for £8.70 plus £2.99 p&p from Pharmacy First so will let you know how DS gets on with it. I'm really hoping it's going to be better than everything else I've tried so far...

Lindy123 · 10/08/2011 22:27

Thanks, let me know how he gets on with it please.

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