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Is the furry white stuff on brie penicillin?

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bobbybob · 25/11/2005 18:32

Because I ate a large portion of it on a pizza last night, and now have itchy hands and bad stomach pains (which came on about 4-5 hours after eating). Looking back I can see that other times I have had stomach pains it has been after warmed up or hot brie (I seem to be okay with cold). I am allergic to penicillin.

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Blandmum · 25/11/2005 18:38

Penecillum mold (which is the original source of penecillin is used in the maufacture of some soft cheeses

' The common occurrence of Penicillium species in food is a particular problem. Some species produce toxins and may render food inedible or even dangerous. It is a good practice to discard foods showing the development of any mold. On the other hand some species of Penicillium are beneficial to humans. Cheeses such as Roquefort, Brie, Camembert, Stilton, etc. are ripened with species of Penicillium and are quite safe to eat. The drug penicillin is produced by Penicillium chrysogenum, a commonly occurring mould in most homes.'

Can't think why warming it would make it worse but hth and that you feel better soon

Blandmum · 25/11/2005 18:38

Penicillin! I can spell it honest!

bobbybob · 25/11/2005 19:04

Warming allergens usually makes them more tolerable rather than less - but I can eat the cold stuff no problem.

I feel terrible, but it takes a lot to make me actually vomit so the fact I haven't thrown up is not actually a good sign.

Dh ate all the same food and is fine - so I have ruled out food poisoning.

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