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I am scared about my daughter overnight.... what can I do?

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Somethingwicked · 09/06/2011 21:19

She is 22 months. She started having some sort of allergic or immune reaction yesterday when her eyes became very red and puffy. Last night one of her eyes swelled up. This morning they were both really puffy. I took her to the duty doctor at the surgery who said it was probably hayfever and to do nothing. After her lunchtime nap her whole face was completely covered in big red blotches and her eyes were almost sealed. Piriton calmed it down but she still looked scary. I took her to A and E. They checked her over and her breathing etc was all fine. They said to carry on with Piriton and wait and see. When she ate her supper she got hives all over her chin and neck. I gave her another piriton dose before bed, and she is now asleep. I can see that her eyes are starting to puff up again in her sleep.

She has done or eaten nothing different to normal, no idea what if anything triggered it. It could be viral even. We have an atopic history in the family but she has had nothing before.

I am scared to go to sleep in case her breathing restricts in the night, especially as the Piriton isn't really eradicating the symptoms. Is there anything I can do?

Will sleeping next to her cot make me any more likely to spot any breathing anomalies? Is she likely to wake if her breathing becomes tight?

Even if I wanted to I couldn't wake her and take her to hospital again as I am home alone with 2 other sleeping children......(could call on a neighbour in a real emergency though)>

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countydurhamlass · 09/06/2011 21:35

have you changed your washing powder/softner?

passiveaggresive · 09/06/2011 21:39

don't know what to suggest, but i think you need some medical advice, call NHS direct, or call a doctor and insist on a house call. Tell them the piriton isnt working. Best of luck x

Somethingwicked · 09/06/2011 21:41

No change of washing powder.

In A and E they saw that the piriton wasn't fully controlling it and they weren't too worried. Should I really call someone out do you think? She is fast asleep! Her eyes are now puffy again I think, but there is no dramatic change to her face.

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YummyHoney · 09/06/2011 21:41

I would sleep next to her, just for your own peace of mind - I doubt you'll get much sleep anyway, worrying.

feynman · 09/06/2011 23:13

If it helps, my son has many food allergies but has had some of the worst reactions ever with viral infections. One of which we ended up with an overnight stay in hospital, so virus can definitely cause bad reactions.
Regarding what you do tonight, I would sleep near her and if her breathing becomes difficult then take her in or ring emergency doctor. I would not take her in or wake her up if her eyes are puffy but her breathing is fine.
My son can get like this and we'd be in and out of hospital all the time if I took him with puffy eyes. The only time its been really serious, his breathing has become very fast and shallow and yiou would know if she was near you. Could she sleep in your bed? I know some people wouldn't recommend this but I always do this with my son if he's ill and I always wake if his breathings bad, I think it must be instincitve. Hope she's better tomorrow.

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