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CMPI diagnosed today - help!!!

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torgrosset · 16/11/2005 16:03

Hi - my daughter has today been diagnosed with CMPI & GP has prescribed soya milk. He didn;t say what to do when we start weaning - she's 4½ months old. I presume we're to avoid anything with cows milk in it? any advice, recipes or books? please let me know!!! I'm new to the allergy thing!!!

OP posts:
mymama · 17/11/2005 02:44

Hi torgrosset. Sorry to have to welcome you to the allergy threads but you will get some good advice on here. I am assuming cmpi is cows milk protein intolerant???? My ds was 6 months when diagnosed with cows milk allergy so I continued to bf until he was 16 months. I used soy milk as a replacer for custards etc but some other mums on here avoided soy too as it has a high allergy rate also. My ds was tested for soy at same time and was clear. Other options would be to get a prescribed hypoallergenic formula to try or rice milk or goats milk. I was told goats milk protein is very similar to cows milk though. Search the internet for cows milk allergy and you will have hundreds of sites to offer you info. When ds was first diagnosed (he also had allergy to wheat, egg, fish and nuts) I thought it was the end of the world but as you research and chat to other mums with experience it will get easier. Good luck with it all. I

tatt · 17/11/2005 06:14

I hope your child doesn't react to soya too but its been linked to higher rates of nut allergy. It may only be because allergic children tend to get other allergies but it would have been better if he'd given you something like neocate, nutramigen or pepti junior.

You need to avoid anything with cows milk, whey or casein. is a good site to look at. You can get lists of milk free foods from supermarkets, check websites for numbers. Your child will probably grow out of this by 3 and you can help by giving dairy free probiotics. Check out old threads.

bobbybob · 17/11/2005 06:20

Wait until 6 months to wean, which give you a month and a half to scour the weaning threads!

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