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Allergies and intolerances

Hives to the sun?

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heliumballoons · 14/04/2011 19:27

As many of you know my DS allergies are complicated and unknown. Its not food but he does react to ketchup which may be a skin allergy?
He has had one severe reaction.
Last summer he kept getting hives on his face and swollen eyes, itchy mouth when outside which we put down to hayfever - negative RAST recently to grass pollen.
The last few days when its been sunny he has come out in hives on his face and I'm thinking its from the sun? Its not really been as bad when we've been outside but really become noticeable when we've some inside and worsened slightly then too. Its really itching him and antihistamine cream has helped.
He hasn't had it the last 2 days wheres its been cloudy.

Anybody else got experience of this? We are due to see Cons Pead again in August so I'll mention it then.

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GandTwithLime · 14/04/2011 22:28

I've always come out in hives if I spend much time in strong sunlight. Over the years I have tried different sun screens, no sunscreen, showering after being in the sun amongst others to try to stop it but nothing makes a difference. Its worse on my arms, and its only the bits that have had direct exposure.

I went for a hike on Sunday and got some sun and I've been taking one a day AHs since. The AH stop the itching but the hives are still there, I hate it because they are noticeable. Would be interested to hear what the Cons say if you mention it.

nellymoo · 14/04/2011 22:32

Yes, I get this. It is Photo-sesnsitivity, which can be exacerbated by chemicals for example perfumes and, for me, sun cream. Antihistamine cream works for me too, but I really do find it is best to cover up. It is always my face, chest and forearms that react the worst. I have never, ever had any kind of tan as my skin reacts to even 10 minutes of strong sunshine, even in the spring.
On the up-side, I'm hoping I'll be less wrinkly in my old-age!

PixieOnaLeaf · 14/04/2011 22:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MissingMySleep · 14/04/2011 22:50

There is a yahoo group for people with sunlight allergies, I think if you go there you will be able, with their help, to narrow it down to the few things that cause his symptoms.

The people on there are really very knowledgable and very helpful.

I have PLE - polymorphic light eruption - its an allergy to UV and without treatment am housebound from March to October, but luckily there is a treatment I get every spring that makes me able to get out. Without treatment its hives as soon as the sun looks at me (even in the car or indoors).

I have never had this on my face, and have had this for over 20 years now.

nellymoo yours sounds like PLE if you can get to see a dermatologist they can confirm and you can have PUVA or UVB treatment in the spring to desensitise your skin

heliumballoons · 14/04/2011 22:51

Nope, not for tree pollen. Not had any really bad symptoms other than the rash when outside. (and got worse when near/ playing with friends cat - but he sees the cat twice a week.)

Photosensitivity makes sense. DS always wears a hat outside unless on his bike when he wears a helmet. but this doesn't happen everytime he goes in the sun. Its only this time he hasn't had the other symptoms that made me think it was the sun(light).


Putting a photo on my profile - does this look like photosensitivity??

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heliumballoons · 14/04/2011 23:01

Actually looking at the picture compared to his allergic reactions its does look different. Confused

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heliumballoons · 14/04/2011 23:09

Oh and pixie Hows DD2 and the rest of your clan?? Grin

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PixieOnaLeaf · 14/04/2011 23:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

heliumballoons · 15/04/2011 06:57

Thanks pixie Thats what I thought when I looked at pictures again. It's probably just heat rash and I'm still no closer to solving the allergy mystery. The other pictures show the hives/ swellings etc and are nothing like this.

Ah well, back to the drawing board. Smile

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gorionine · 15/04/2011 07:07

Is your son under any type of medication? My sister used to come in hives in the sun. According to our family doctor it was a side effect on some medicine she was taking . I am afraid I cannot remember what the medicine was, but while she was taking it she could not go in the sun.

heliumballoons · 15/04/2011 07:09

No he's not on any medication atm. I have heard of that though - thanks for the suggestion that would make sense. He's just a mystery though. Grin

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foxinsocks · 15/04/2011 07:32

I sometimes get hives in the sun - it's a type of urticaria I think. I only developed it after I had other 'types' of urticaria first.

I'm not sure there's much you can do. I would give him an antihistamine (like piriton - sorry don't know his age, whatever's age appropriate) as this tends to work better.

foxinsocks · 15/04/2011 07:35

google solar urticaria or heat urticaria and see what you think

I started getting this in conjunction with pressure urticaria (ffs!).

All a bit of a pita.

moomaa · 15/04/2011 07:41

gandtwithlime, I am like you, but worst on my legs. Not come accross anyone similiar before.

heliumballoons · 17/04/2011 08:15

foxinsocks Thats interesting about developing others types first. DS has had allergies over the past years, from hives to ketchup, from being outdoors (pollen related?) to the rash from the sun last week. He also got pressure hives last year aswell when we felt hayfever was the main cause of the problem. He gets it from sitting on carpet, from his booster seat, from lying in bed.

He has woken up today (high pollen count day) saying he is 'full of cold'. He has no temperature though and you can see his face is teetering on the edge of rashing - its very slightly flushed - and he got pressure rash on it from the cushion on the sofa. Hmm

Just wish I knew why this keeps happening. Just as he seems fine and I think last years 'blip' was just that, something else happens.

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 17/04/2011 11:54

Hi helium, he sounds just like me Grin

I do have confirmed allergies to black mould and pollen but I spent years trying to convince doctors that I had to be allergic to other things as I was always coming up in hives or getting upset tummies/ struggling to breathe.

It was only once I started getting the pressure hives that I realised I have Urticaria and a number of things bring it on. You don't always even figure out what the trigger are but I do know that I can't carry heavy bags or wear tight clothing without getting hives wherever that pressure has been. There are some quite good sites about urticaria but ultimately it is a nuisance. There are no tests to determine what causes it (unless it is allergies) but basically once they rule out allergies you are on your own. Common viruses like colds can cause it - I get it a lot from colds!

foxinsocks · 17/04/2011 11:57

I would look up a specialist who deals with urticaria in your area and see if your gp will refer him. It's normally dealt with by either allergy or skin specialists. I don't see anyone but I keep meaning to! If you are in or near London or Surrey, Dr Adrian Morris is excellent. I saw him last year and he saved my life with my hayfever (which was so hideous the year before I ended up stopping breathing). He does allergies and urticaria and sees children and adults.

foxinsocks · 17/04/2011 12:00

When I said I don't see someone, I meant regularly or my GP who was dismissive. But I saw dr Morris last year for a one off appointment and will do the same this year. Was definitely worth it.

BinEnd · 17/04/2011 17:43

I suffer from PLE and find that Piz Buin Anti Allergy sun cream really helps. Smile

heliumballoons · 18/04/2011 22:54

Well we were out in the sun yesterday for a few hours, and he had no tshirt on. An nothing, no hives at all. Smile

He is however 'full of cold' but in the absence of any cold symptoms I still think its hayfever - although we know he isn't allergic to grass pollen - he has had a cold for 4 weeks now on and off and always on days when the pollen count is high.

Thanks for the advice re the specialist fox I'm near Portsmouth so not too far if it comes to that.

I'll look out for the suncream binend. Thanks for the suggestion.

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 19/04/2011 02:20

Hi helium - if he's suffering now and has been for a few weeks it will be tree pollen rather than grass. Glad to hear he didn't react to the sun yesterday!

heliumballoons · 19/04/2011 20:22

Ah tree pollen - maybe worth while them testing that? They kept some serum/blood to do tests when he reacts.

And no reaction to the sun today either. Grin Wonder if its because he's started AH now??

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