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Allergies and intolerances

any experience of living in the middle east with an allergic child?

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malky2 · 13/04/2011 17:12

We may be moving to Qatar later this year. I have a very allergic daughter (dairy, egg, sesame and nuts)..Does anyone have any experience of living or visiting the middle east with an allergy?

Are dairy free products such as soya yoghurts readily available?

Does the packaging in the Middle East work the same way as in the EU (ie:traces of or made in a factory as nuts etc) on the label

Are there good allergy protocols in place in schools and restaurants?

Any advice would be appreciated


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gallicgirl · 13/04/2011 17:21

One of my ante-natal club compatriots lives in Syria so I'll point her in this direction. She is currently travelling home with new baby though so it might be a few days before she replies.

malky2 · 13/04/2011 17:23

Thanks. Very much appreciated

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CupcakesHay · 16/04/2011 17:58


I'll ask around and see if anyone knows. But you could try emailling the british embassy in Qatar - they might be able to help with specific answers.

but i'm off shopping this weekend so i'll have a check about specific products.

malky2 · 19/04/2011 20:24

Thanks very much

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