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Allergies and intolerances


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allergyhelp · 11/03/2011 10:29

M.C.S.. stands for Multiple Chemical Senstivites .. also known as Environmental Illness and T.I.L.T... not many people know or understand this illness that Ive had since working in a printing factory in the mid 60s.. a long time ago to have an allergic illness that cant be sorted on the NHS in fact they wont even say the name to be honest.... Over forty years Ive been trying to get help of any sort for the condition caused by all chemicals.. The word chemical covers loads of things.. that might come as a shock to some.. the list includes
Perfumes.. all
air fresheners... all
cleaners in the home..
toilet cleaners and bleach
deoderant unless Simple or unperfumed
soap unless Simple or unperfumed
face creams, makeup
medical rubs
smoke from cigarettes or fires
and more in fact anything at all with a petro chemical base.. even baby products of any sort or make I cant use.. if your interested at all please take a look on Diana Bucklands site... Im also a contact support for Allergy UK for this condition.. so why has it been ignored so long.. as the symptoms are very debilitating causing

eye problems.
lack of concentration...
lack of coordination
muscle pain
lack of confidence
shaking or tremors
sneezing and coughing
All these symptoms can be brought on quick by someone wearing perfume on a bus.. or a visitor wearing perfumed soap powder on their clothes or even perfumed deoderant.. I can be unnoticed to a non sufferer but very serious to anyone with MCS...and can start with small exposures or one big exposure to chemcals as I was... Other countries treat this illness so why not the it too costly. so they choos to ignore it.. I wonder.. I have had to stop work some years ago as I was so ill every day due to perfumes and air fresheners where I worked.

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allergyhelp · 15/03/2011 12:43
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