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Calling all Reflux experts!

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Parker23 · 09/03/2011 20:21

I wanted to ask all you mums who have had experience with reflux babies a question.

I have a 10 weeks old DD who is a reflux sufferer. She is on 3ml of Omeprazole per day. Which worked really well and she was only a bit wriggly after a feed instead of screaming.

So then I introduced Colief, as this seems to calm the wriggling down too. Thankfully she's usually a very happy little baby now.

The thing is that in the last few weeks she's started really writhing in her cot. I have the mattress elevated slightly to help the reflux so she is in a bit of a dip in the center of the mattress. But as soon as she gets sleepy she presses her head to one side and arches her back so she's kind of in a 'C' shape. She keeps doing this on and off throughout the night. She also makes straining, grunting noises.

My question this the reflux acting up at night, could it be that the mattress is causing her discomfort or is this just normal behavior and she's just a bit of a wriggly grunter? Smile

I am beginning to think that my new mum anxiety is reading too much into what could be perfectly normal behavior. It's just that it's keeping us awake at night and she seems uncomfortable. She also spits her dummy out when she's like this and wakes herself up. I'm worried she's not getting enough sleep because she seems shattered in the morning!

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PrincessScrumpy · 09/03/2011 20:32

Don't worry about dd getting enough sleep - they make up for it at this age. DD had reflux - it got sooooo much better after dd was on solids. DD always refused a dummy but I think spitting them out is common. Some are also more wriggly than others so might not be connected.

I have heard fab things about these....

and plan to get one for dc2 (currently pg).

Good luck, and remember this stage does end and gets so much better.

Parker23 · 09/03/2011 21:26

Thanks PrincessScrumpy! Congratulations on the pg!!

How cool are those baby bean bags!? Do they sleep in those at night too then? It's been a nightmare getting her to sleep on a sloped mattress without her sliding down to the bottom of the crib.

I know things will improve. I'm just struggling with getting no sleep and she seems in real discomfort...Although, I guess if she was in proper discomfort she'd cry (which she does do occasionally)

I'm beginning to think we might be better putting her in her own room. Then I may have to get up lots to replace the dummy but I may also sleep through the little grunts and wriggles that aren't disturbing her but that are keeping me up. I know she's only 10 weeks but I'm not getting any sleep!

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