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Allergies and intolerances

Food Allergies in Schools

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topiarygal · 03/03/2011 13:17

after a long struggle to get the content rightish Food Allergy Mums' Managing Allergens in Schools document is finally on the website:

We need to play with the layout but is it helpful? We just do this to help, we're not a charity (can't get the paperwork done) but are in no way a business - just Mums trying to help

OP posts:
tinytalker · 03/03/2011 17:43

Looks really useful. I have tweeted it :)

mintyneb · 03/03/2011 17:52

it looks really useful and looks like a LOT of work has gone into it.

My DD is starting reception in September so something like this will certainly help me when i get together with her school to discuss how we should manage her allergy

topiarygal · 10/03/2011 14:06

Hurrah! That's all we wanted to do - we all had a such a terrible time sorting our allergic kids out at school we thought we'd do something. Do pass along.
We'll try to do more and if any one else can think of stuff we should add please do let us know
v.v.v. pleased you like!

OP posts:
feynman · 11/03/2011 11:42

wont work for me?

topiarygal · 17/03/2011 10:47

paste the whole lot in?

or google foodallergymums

and take a look at the managing allergies in schools page

OP posts:
ClaireOB · 17/03/2011 13:27
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