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eczema - dairy intolerance - What to feed my 10 month old

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Mollydolly124 · 01/03/2011 21:59

Hello All,
I hope you are all well?
My 10 month old has really bad eczema, this started when I started to wean him.

After trying lots of creams etc the doc today has said to try and cut out all dairy,lactose etc.

I've been prescribed Aptimil Pepti for his milk but have no idea about foods he can eat!!

I've been warned that dairy is in a lot of stuff that you would not expect...

Can you help me with brands and items I can get for a 10 month old? and where to get these products.

I'm also worried as he does not really like food and I am wasting so much money on trying him on stuff... Any ideas...

Massive thanks in advance

Katie, mummy to Lewis 19/07/08 & Ashley 04/05/10. x

OP posts:
HtheH · 01/03/2011 22:15

My son had dairy allergy, was on neocate milk from 7 months. He grew out of the allergy and now has no problems atall. Guzzles down yoghurts and cows milk! So reassure yourself that you ds could do the same. I found it difficult at first but eventually was sorted on great things he could and couldnt eat. My ds was also soya intolerant so made things even harder, as there are loads of soya products out there-yoghurts etc that are great. Essentials are vegetable oil margerine, oatly milk for cooking and prridge, cereal, white sauces etc. even works in baking! Hummous, avocadoes, Goodies Organix snacks, lots without dairy in. Plum baby oat biscuits. Check bread before you buy it, alot seems to have dairy in. But things dont have to be difficult, especially with the oatly milk, i found i could make a lot f yummy meals, fish pie, mash etc. Feel free to ask me any other questions. Good luck. Forgive spelling and grammar am on ipad!

osd · 01/03/2011 22:27

Hi, sorry to hear this, speak to your health visitor and your doctor needs to send you to an allergy specialist as there is no point cutting out dairy if there is no need, your allergy consultant would then send you to a dietitian and dermatologist as dairy is so important for healthy growth.
Eczema can present at any time before a year, my son has a genetic skin disorder x-linked icthyosis and he has eczema but the eczema didn't start until he was two, eczema is a sort of dry skin so i use a hydrocortisone until the redness goes and then hydromol ointment (the goose fat one) and skinnies wraps to sleep in so his skin absorbs the hydromol all prescribed through his dermatologist, i wish you all the best as skin is something i know can be traumatic and painful for your child and yourself.
Also try website support groups these have helped me with my sons icthyosis, try milk allergy support groups these might help.
Once again all the best.

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