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Maybe I'm over-thinking but...

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strawberrycake · 20/02/2011 20:15

...could a hospital confusion a reaction with a stomach bug in a 9 month old?

-ds had dinner, then diarrhea instantly. Vomiting later through the night, which got worse. By the next day he was difficult to rouse and dehydrated so took to A&E.

No agreement as to his illness. One said bronciolytis (SP?) because of the wheezing. One said gastroenteritis because of the vomiting (and 2x diarhhea). Once hydrated seen home but had to return following night too (no real interest in him beyond being hydrated). He had a small temperature, but had an ear infection anyway.

I'm pondering and make be talking rubbish, but just wondering if it's possible. It's clear he's reacted at some point recently to something as he has eczema again. He refused to eat for 9 days after. It's down as gastroenteritis according to my GP, but this surprised me as he didn't have ongoing diarrhea. He did though not keep anything down bar 5ml of water every 5 min for a few days. It was the second time he had fish, the first he broke out in a rash/ diarhhea.

Could it be possible he had a bug AND a reaction and they compunded. Or as these just not symptoms? It reminded me of when he when to A&E for a 'virus' and dehydration with vomiting/ diarhhea after having formula for the first time at 6 weeks. HE bottle refused for ages after that, even on the new milk.

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strawberrycake · 20/02/2011 20:16

btw the way once home I gave him pitriton anyway as (did) have it nightly.

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