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Oat milk for CMPA - contains salt - is it ok for toddlers?

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eskimomama · 24/01/2011 12:59


I've been struggling to find oat milk that doesn't contain salt for my 15 month-old DD, who is allergic to cow's milk, and hazelnuts/almonds. All oat milks I've come across contain salt!

Been BFing until now, but I want to move on to oat milk... but I was worrying about the salt intake.
Am I worrying too much? Given that she will have 2 or 3 cups of it every day at least, isn't that too much salt for her age?

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
Iggly · 24/01/2011 20:23

The salt in oatly is less than the salt content in cows milk. I give my DS oatly but continue to BF (he's 15 months).

So I wouldn't worry!

Also look to other foods for calcium - fish with soft bones, green veg, legumes and moderate calcium sources like swede, sweet potato and parsnips.

eskimomama · 26/01/2011 12:27

Thanks Iggly - I'll try and see how I can get fosh with soft bones into her Wink

Can I ask your advice for iron and B12? Is your DS monitored for his calcium/iron levels?

Also the salt in cow's milk isn't added salt like for Oatly, I'm not how that compares though.

OP posts:
Iggly · 26/01/2011 18:42

Well the dietician asks about his calcium intake but they can't check it. They were happy with his iron from his meat intake. Nothing mentioned about B12.

I mash up the fish so DS doesn't notice the bones and mix with rice. Or have it on toast. He likes the strong taste!

Also I don't think it matters about the salt in terms of added or not? Also as long as the rest the diet has no added salt, should be ok?

eskimomama · 27/01/2011 09:43

Thanks Iggly - funny he likes the strong taste, i'll give it a go with DD! do you buy them in tins?

OP posts:
Iggly · 27/01/2011 18:21

Yep in tins. The bones are very soft - you can mash them up with a fork quite easily. DS loves strong flavours for some reason Hmm

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